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If you see a triangle of which band does it make you think? Alt-J, Bastille, Pink Floyd, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park … ? There are many bands who have a triangle in their logo or in their name. Some competition is welcome but for some this is a bit too much…

Not Just A Triangle

You could say that logos and symbols aren’t that important to fans of a certain band. Of course their first priority is music, but symbols are often featured on band merchandise. Wearing a band shirt or another piece of merchandise makes it easy for fans to show which bands they like. If you’re a big fan of a band, you sure know which symbols or logos they use! Next to merchandise, some symbols also come in quite handy at gigs. If you’ve been to a concert of Bastille, you’ve seen how fans make a triangle with their hands. Talking of Bastille, they even had a whole Triangle Tour.

Alt-J vs. Bastille

A couple of years ago, fans both of Alt-J and Bastille saw this message on twitter:This angry tweet by Alt-J was quickly answered by Dan Smith from Bastille:But the last word was for Alt-J:

Friend Or Foe?

Fans from all over the world were worried their two favourite bands were insulting each other. Fortunately, a couple of days later both bands confessed that this twitter fight was just one big joke. The band members of Bastille and Alt-J have become good friends over the years and like each others music as well. They happen to use the same symbol, but that’s only a funny coincidence. Last year, the bands both wrote a song for the soundtrack of Bright (a Netflix action movie). Bastille wrote ‘World Gone Mad’ and Alt-J chose ‘Hares On The Mountain’.

True Story

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