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She’s an amazing rising star from Scotland, with her typical accent and her pop folky songs. Her new album is only months away, so let’s have a look on the career of Nina Nesbitt!

I. ‘Boy’

Nina grew up in Edinburgh, born to a Scottish father and a Swedish mum. Before she became a musician, she was a rhythmic gymnast training to go to the Olympics! She stopped because she had gone as far as she could. And that was when music became a bigger passion. She met Ed Sheeran when he was visiting a radioshow in Edinburgh and played a song for him. He liked that so much, that he invited her to be the support to his shows in England and Europe. When Example heard how good her cover of his song ‘Stay Awake’ was, he asked her to be his support too. ‘Boy’ was the first official single Nina released.

II. Taylor Swift

In various interviews, Nesbitt speaks about a big influence. When she was 15, she saw Taylor Swift writing her own songs and being very successful in doing that. It inspired her a lot and it is definitely visible in Nina’s earlier work like ‘Way In The World’.

III. Peroxide

Nina Nesbitt is more of an EP kind of girl than an album kind of girl. But, early 2014, the long wait was over. Her debutalbum Peroxide came out and it went straight to No. 1 in the iTunes chart. And by straight we mean just hours after the release! The lead single ‘Selfies’ came out a few days before the release of Peroxide.

IV. No more blonde

Even though Nina is originally a brunette, she stood out with her blonde locks. But when ‘The Best You Had’ came out, she decided it was time to go back to her original haircolor. It’s definitly part of the big comeback, almost 18 months after walking out on her recorddeal with Island Records. She did sign a new contract, with indie label Vinyl Cooking. A new album might be just around the corner…

V. ‘Somebody Special’

Now what will 2018 bring for Nina? You guessed it right: it’s a new album! It’s due to come out in spring, but there’s no release date yet. Everything is practically finished, so we’re guessing it won’t be long now. ‘Somebody Special’ is her latest single, rumoured to be about her boyfriend Mike Duce, who is the singer of Lower Than Atlantis. She wrote the song in Nashville, in a time when she was feeling not too well about herself. She ended up re-meeting someone (Mike Duce?) who reminded her who she was and what she was worth. Well if she is really speaking about Mike, than we like his influence on her music!

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