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SOHN has collaborated with Banks and made remixes of Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. He released two albums and has been playing shows since 2010. Take a coffee break and discover SOHN!

Trouble Over Tokyo

British singer songwriter Christopher Michael Taylor had another music project before SOHN: Trouble Over Tokyo. He started this solo-project in 2005 and released four albums over the following years. The Guardian once described Taylor as”simultaneously (recalling) Thom Yorke at his most existentially anxious and Justin Timberlake at his most sexually rapacious”. Taylor dissolved Trouble Over Tokyo in 2010 to start on his new project: SOHN.


In 2010, Taylor released a couple of songs as SOHN through his Soundcloud page. A couple of months later he released an EP and his career took off. At the same time he moved from London to Vienna, Austria. In April 2013, 4AD (The National, Beirut, Daughter) announced it had signed SOHN. The first release with 4AD was ‘Bloodflows‘ which was describes as”a vocal showcase and SOHN’s most sorrowful, powerful success yet” by online music magazine Pitchfork. His debut album ‘Tremors’ was released in April 2014.


A year after his debut album, Taylor moved to Los Angeles where he worked as producer for Aquilo, Kwabs and Banks. Later on he moved to Sonoma in California and started working on his second album. In 2015 SOHN released ‘Carry Me Home’ which was a part of the Insurgent soundtrack (you can hear it during the end credits). In August 2016, Taylor released ‘Signal’ which would be the first single from his second album Rennen. The second single was named ‘Conrad‘ and is his most succesful song up till now. Rennen was released last January.

Coffee Break

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