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2017 meant the long-awaited comeback of LCD Soundsystem. The American rock band released American Dream, an album that was much appreciated and will certainly appear in many “Best of 2017” lists. On his return, James Murphy got invited to Lars Ulrich’s show (yes the drummer from Metallica) on BBC Radio 1. And he got quite the story to tell…

James Murphy got invited by the Metallica drummer to talk about himself, about what’s going on is his life, covering a broad range of subjects. But there was one story that drew everyone’s attention. Murphy told about that one time he was incredibly stoned and was playing records at a techno club, when he decided that ‘Loose’, a song by The Stooges, was the perfect song to play at that exact moment. So he started off his late night set by playing The Stooges to a room filled with techno-expecting ravers. Long story short, the ravers didn’t appreciate the heavy rocksound, which is why one of the guys decided to climb the DJ booth, threatening to kill Murphy. At which he apparently responded: “No, just listen to it, man. It’s amazing!” Yeah, James Murphy dodged that bullet.

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