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Today, December 14, is international Monkey Day. It’s an unofficial holiday to celebrate monkeys and ‘all things simian’ including non-human primates. Monkey Day was created by contemporary artists Casy Sorrow and Eric Millikin to spread awareness for the animals. So, naturally, no one better than the Arctic Monkeys to share a True Story about. Find out why bass guitarist Nick O’Malley caused a huge traffic jam in his hometown Sheffield!

Bass Guitarist Arctic Monkeys

Nick O’Malley was born on July 5th 1985 in Sheffield, UK. After ambitions to play the drums and guitar, which his parents weren’t a big fan of, O’Malley picked up the bass guitar when hewas 16 years old. Before playing with Arctic Monkeys, Nick O’Malley played in a local garage rock band: The Dodgems. He was chosen as a temporary replacement for bassist Andy Nicholson in 2006. At the time, O’Malley was working in the local supermarket. Only a week after agreeing to fill in for Nicholson, he broke his hand following some drunken antics with his former Dodgems bandmates. Fortunately, despite it being his plectrum-hand, he was still able to play the bass and joined Arctic Monkeys on tour. When Nicholson announced he was leaving the band, Nick O’Malley became a full-time member. If you need a quick reminder of how good Arctic Monkeys are, you can check out their best live tracks.

Sheffield Traffic Jam

If you were heading towards Sheffield at the beginning of this year and you were barely moving forward, chances are that it was Nick O’Malleys’ fault. Before returningwith a sixth Arctic Monkeys album, the bass player wants to apologise.“I’d made my mind up to get a bike, but I was impatient and couldn’t wait, so I rushed it and got myself a little 125cc, borrowed an open-face helmet off a mate who had a 900cc bike and we headed out into the countryside around Sheffield,” he says.

“We were heading home and I was trying to keep up with him, but just as we were getting close to the city centre, my gear shifter went and I was stuck in first. My mate’s crawling along on this beast of a bike waiting for me and I’m stuttering along barely moving, holding everyone up.”As a local (and international) star, his highest priority was to get home without attracting headlines.“No one recognised me and we made it back, but that was definitely the moment I decided to go for it and get fully licenced up.” Last summer, O’Malley did his CBT and progressed to a full licence. He admits that he has been obsessed with riding a motorbike since he was little.Why? “Because they look so fuckin’ cool, don’t they?”

True Story

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