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She's fabulous, rich and famous. Beyoncé hasn't left our eyesight since she first entered the pop industry in 1996 - and she's been a huge influence ever since. Ever wondered why fans would truly do anything to see her live? Today's playlist might give you the answer. It's time for a party with Queen B!

#10 Irreplaceable @ Glastonbury, 2011

"I have done a lot of things in my life, but I have never performed in front of 175,000 people" are B's exact words at the end of this video. The 2011 Glastonbury crowd was lucky enough to be part of this unique experience, in which Beyoncé and band try to get as much out of their audience as possible.

#9 Love On Top, Roseland, 2012

Love On Top is one of Beyonce's most passionate and joyful love songs. Her dedicated performance at Roseland gives this happy tune the extra boost it deserves - and it also makes it almost impossible to sit still.

#8 One Plus One @ American Idol, 2011

If she says it is her favourite song, then it would be rude not to include it here. This live version of One Plus One is the first performance on our list that's been kept simple and small - and beautiful.

#7 Run The World / Survivor @ Chime For Change, 2013

This performance is important because it shows one of B's most significant features: her will to stand up for girls all around the world. She is well aware of her power as a famous female artist, and knows exactly how to use this power strategically. Catch a little of Beyoncé's fierce fighter spirit during this Chime For Change charity performance.

#6 Freedom ft. Kendrick Lamar, 2016

Kendrick and B's song Freedom is a representation of recent uprisings in the US, where people have been pleading for better human rights. Both artists are well-known for their dedication to addressing current issues within society, and this is their cry for ending black oppression.

#5 I Was Here, Roseland, 2012

In #5 Beyoncé reflects on her career and personal life so far. Accompanied by clips from her childhood up to motherhood, this song is clearly bound to leave fans in tears. Can you keep it dry?

#4 Young Forever/Halo, On The Run Tour, 2014

Mr and Mrs Carter join each other on stage to do a mash-up of their songs Young Forever (Jay-Z) and Halo (Beyoncé), while touching images of their life together flash by on the big screen. The chemistry between the two lovers combined with the snapshots in the background are what make this performance a wonderful, heart-warming and worthy #4.

#3 Resentment, On The Run Tour, 2014

Resentment, which is originally a Victoria Beckham song, can be found on Beyoncé's second inspanidual album B'Day (2006). Her version is mostly praised because of the way she presents it in the most sensitive and vulnerable way - which is exactly what she does during her live performance in Paris too.

#2 If I Were A Boy, 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, 2010

If I Were A Boy was an instant hit when it came out in 2008, and it was still very much appreciated during this Grammy Awards performance in 2010. Not only does Beyoncé do an amazing job at performing her own song, she also manages to give a nice little twist to it. Watch and learn!

#1 Tribute to Stevie Wonder ft. Ed Sheeran & Gary Clark,

Time for our #1! It's a dream come true for Ed Sheeran, who has supposedly admitted that he's always wanted to share a stage with Queen B. Hopefully Stevie Wonder felt as blessed as Sheeran clearly did, since it is in his honour (and rightfully so) that this performance took place. Enjoy!

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