Autoplay10 Best Live Performances By Franz Ferdinand


They were named after a big man and now they're a big band: Franz Ferdinand. They're still seen as one of the main leaders of the British rock industry and are an absolute must-see at any festival they attend. These guys really know how to build a party, so let's rock with this new Autoplay!

10. No You Girls @ Late Show with David Letterman, 2009

No you girls will never know and no you guys will never care - this song addresses issues that may occur during romantic interactions. It is one of the the band's many songs that would just do perfect during a wild karaoke session - so get ready!

9. Walk Away

'Walk Away' is a lovely tune taken from Franz Ferdinand's 2005 album You Could Have It So Much Better. We've got this wonderful little acoustic version for you on offer on today's Autoplay.

8. Right Action @ Later... with Jools Holland (BBC Two), 2013

Next stop: a 2013 live performance of 'Right Action', the main track of the Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013) album.

7. Jacqueline @ Pinkpop, 2004

Pack your bags and fold your tent! We're attending Dutch festival Pinkpop in 2004, where Franz Ferdinand did this smashing performance of 'Jacqueline'. If there's anything these guys are good at, it's entertaining a festival audience.

6. 40' @ Hurricane Festival, 2009

We won't be leaving festival grounds after Pinkpop, but we are moving our tents to Hurricane Festival in Germany. In 2009 Franz Ferdinand played this fantastic extended version of their 2004 song 40'.

5. Love Illumination @ 6 Music Festival, 2014

Sweet 'Love Illumination'! This tune has the best elements for a festival sing-a-long: a catchy guitar riff, and simple lyrics.

4. The Dark of the Matinee @ Reading Festival, 2004

We've got another hit coming up for you, this time played at Reading Festival in 2004. 'The Dark of the Matinee' did quite well in the UK charts, and it seems to do fine at this festival too.

3. Michael @ Pinkpop, 2004

Back to Pinkpop! Come dance with us and Michael during this outstanding performance of the eponymous 2003 hit.

2. Take Me Out @ T in the Park, 2014

Here we are: we've arrived at the ultimate global hit 'Take Me Out', which both loyal listeners and non-listeners should recognise. It's the track that everyone expects to hear during any Franz Ferdinand gig, and which the 2014 T in the Park joyfully sang along to. Can you sing along too?

1. This Fire @ Hurricane Festival, 2009

Words alone cannot give us a worthy description of this brilliant performance. The Hurricane Festival audience got really lucky with another wild and extended version of one the Franz Ferdinand songs. Here's our festival favourite!


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