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Joshua Tillman AKA Father John Misty has been growing in popularity ever since he released his second album 'I Love You, Honeybear' back in 2015. Recently he has been dropping singles again, all of which have been well received. A new album will be released on the 7th of April. A new album usually means a new tour and thus we are listing the 10 live performances that make us excited to see Joshua live once more!

#10 Only Son Of A Ladies' Man @ David Letterman 2012

Back in 2012 Father John Misty had only just adopted his new name, as he used to go by the name J. Tillman, and released his first album Fear Fun.  This performance was one of the first where a large audience got to see the new Joshua Tillman, a more extravagant and theatrical version of his former self. Whether you find his alter ego a pretentious hipster or a modern Shakespeare, there is no denying his ability to perform.

#9 Holy Shit @ KEXP 2015

'Holy Shit' is our personal favorite out of Misty;s discography, and this performance does the song justice. It is filled to the brim with desperation and the intimate nature of the show makes it a joy to watch. It is a shame, though very understandable, that Misty can't carry an entrie orchestra everywhere, because if the orchestral break from the album version would be in this performance, it would surely land at the #1 spot!

#8 The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apt. @ Soundcheck 2015

Father John Misty is not one to steer away from cynicism and this song is the perfect exxample of that. He sings about "the few main things" he hates about his girl, hopefully not the same girl as his honeybear. At the end he even confesses to choking her and seemingly not only because she likes it. Luckily the performance is not as hateful as the lyrics.

#7 The Suburbs @ The b.b. gun Session 2015

Misty is not only known for his witty songwriting and beautiful voice, as his covers are also one of his strong points. During his latest tour he was even seen covering Rihanna! This Arcade Fire cover was in honor of the band being named the greatest Canadian band of all time. Father John Misty makes the melancholic song completely his own in this worthy cover of an already great song.

#6 Funtimes In Babylon @ Capitol Hill Block Party 2012

Always open about his use of many an intoxicating substance, Misty sings here he would like to "smoke everything in sight with every girl he's ever loved". The melody of the song makes even these lyrics seem very romantic though. The song lends itself well to a solo performance, and Father John Misty knocks it out of the park.

#5 When You're Smiling And Astride Me @ World Café Sessions 2015

A cute song about how proud Misty is to be with his wife. With all the passion he puts into this performance its hard not to be touched, though Misty knows how to keep things relativly goofy through his interactions with the crowd.

#4 I Love You, Honeybear @ Little Big Show #5 2013

The lead single from his amazing 2015 album by the same name is a joy to listen to whenever Father John Misty plays it. What makes this version special is that is was recorded in 2013, long before the album was even anounced. The bigger role of the organ is a noticable difference with the version that ended up on the album. Though the song was not yet perfected live, it makes for a great performance nonetheless.

#3 Bored In The USA @ Letterman 2014

'Bored In The USA' is Father John Misty's most socially aware song, with the exception of his newly release single 'Pure Comedy', and deals in commentary on middle class American life. The title itself is an obvious reference to Bruce Springsteen's 'Born In The Usa', which was widely misunderstood to be a pro-USA anthem. The melodrama Misty pulls out during this performance makes the whole thing both laughable and slightly depressing. Exactly what you want from a good Father John Misty song!

#2 The Ideal Husband @ State Theater Portland 2015

'The Ideal Husband' is the only all out rock song that Father John Misty has ever written, but boy does he know how to perform it. He sings about being afraid all the horrible things hes done in his past might come to light, so he decides to confess it all to his girlfriend. The song ends with him screaming at the top of his lungs which comes off even better in this great live preformance. While we love his soft side, we would love for Misty to explore this side of his musical talents more!

#1 Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins) @ WFUV 2015

'Chateau Lobby #4' is possibly the most honestly romantic love song ever written. The many things Misty says he never wanted or thought about before he met his are already very cute, but the passage about her note is so impossibly romantic we can't imagine even the most tough listeners not being moved. This performance is so great because of the backing instruments Misty has brought with him. While other performances of this song are really good, the addition of strings make this one stand tall above all others.

Here's hoping that Father John Misty's next album is not only as great as his two last, but also gives us as many great live performances!


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