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On Record Store Day, The War On Drugs released a new single, and they have also just announced a big tour! About time we sum up some of their best performances. Without further ado: The War On Drugs 10x live.

10. I Was There, Bing Lounge, 2012

We start off with a straightforward country-tinged tune from their 2011 album Slave Ambient.

9. Suffering, KEXP, 2014

"Suffering" is a true slow-burner and is a nice warm-up for all what's to come on this list. The song carefully builds up until frontman Adam Granduciel rips into a fuzzy guitar solo which warms our hearts.

8. Burning, Bonnaroo, 2015

This song, which has more of a synthpop flavour to it, kicks off with a pretty energetic sample which sets the tone for the rest of the song and this great performance.

7. Baby Missiles, Mile Marker, 2011

Another bouncy track. This one is also from the Slave Ambient record. It reminds us a fair bit of the Dire Straits' 'Walk Of Life', with its pumping organ and fat drumbeat! Save this one for your roadtrip soundtrack.

6. Eyes To The Wind, Austin City Limits, 2015

Halfway through our list we place this song from Lost In The Dream. Granduciel's lyrics here are so cinematic as he describes the American countryside and we can't help but wonder what it'd be like over there.

4. Disappearing, Best kept Secret, 2014

At Holland's Best Kept Secret festival the band played this ethereal and dreamlike version of 'Disappearing'. Granduciel, a working man's guitar hero, this time solos on harmonica and he does a terrific job. The band and everyone present seem to have totally zoned out and drifted off to some different world here.

3. Brothers, Soundcheck WNYC, 2012

'Brothers' is just a really great song and this live performance captures that. The upbeat music contrasts so nicely with Granduciel's melancholic lyrics and vocal performance. The feels when he sings lines like "I'm wondering about all my friends down in the combat", "looking out where something once ran wild, looking down at the window on the floor, looking down 'til I die".

2. Red Eyes, Jools Holland, 2014

Somehow bands always play terrifically at Jools Holland's BBC show. We ought to send him a little thank you note. For now, enjoying this great performance of the Lost In The Dream leadsingle is sufficient.

1. Under The Pressure, Austin City Limits, 2015

A great performance of the opening track of their 2014 breakthrough album. The band members all lock in with each other and give their best. The song rolls on like a steam train as the horns blow and the guitar wails. Here we hear the band's eclectic mix of roots-rock with ambient soundscapes underneath. Granduciel & Co show us how far they've come by playing music they love and feel so deep within as they're trying not to crack under the pressure. 


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