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Hard rock band The Pretty Reckless have recently released their third studio album 'Who You Selling For' as well as announced new tour dates for 2017. And what better way to prepare yourself for these upcoming adventures by doing a little throwback to past performances? New album, new tour; time for a new playlist with the 10 best live performances by The Pretty Reckless.

#10. Light Me Up @ KROQ, 2010

We're starting small with an acoustic live performance of 'Light Me Up', a track from the same titled 2010 album. This is when the band had only been around for about a year, but were already getting some good gigs, like being the The Veronicas' support act on one of their tours.

#9. Make Me Wanna Die @ Le Live, 2010

'Make Me Wanna Die' is another track from the band's 2010 Light Me Up album. With over 19 million (and counting) streams on Spotify, it is currently their second most popular song. Taylor and bandmate Ben, who we will grow more and more familiar with during this playlist, both know how to perfectly perform the unique sound of despair this song entails.

#8. Hit Me Like A Man @ Perez Hilton, 2012

After politely introducing themselves for Perez Hilton, Ben and Taylor perform an awesome acoustic version of 'Hit Me Like A Man'. By the way, did you know Taylor Momsen is that cute little girl from the ultimate Christmas favourite How The Grinch Stole Christmas? She traded in her acting skills for band practice after her Gossip Girl career, and now she's rocking the whole world. Well done, little Cindy Lou.

#7. Seven Nation Army (cover), Live In Argentina, 2012

What's an Autoplay without a live performance of a cover? The Pretty Reckless get the whole audience going with their White Stripes cover of 'Seven Nation Army' in 2012.

#6. Going To Hell @ Rock Am Ring, 2014

Our #6 includes a big festival, large audience, and more importantly for a rock band: shredding guitars. This sinner's song is a good representation of the band's 2014 album Going To Hell, which carries "religion" and "good vs bad" as some of the major themes.

#5. Champagne Supernova @ BBC Radio 1, 2014

The Pretty Reckless are very open about their love towards Oasis; not only have they done several covers (like 'Wonderwall' and even a bit of 'Supersonic'), but they have also stated the band as one of their main influences. This cover of 'Champagne Supernova', however, has got to be one of their best live performances.

#4. My Medicine, Live In Argentina, 2012

Put Light Me Up on, and 'My Medicine' will be the first thing you'll hear. With its sexy tune and Taylor's raw voice, it always manages to set the right tone for a little sensual rock session.

#3. Follow Me Down @ Download Festival, 2014

It's sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll, right? Well, here's sex for you.
PS. If you'd rather skip the moaning part, go straight to 0:37.

#2. Zombie @ Rock & Pop Chile, 2012

'Zombie', for true TPR fans, is considered one of the classics. Why? Because it builds up nicely and it's just plainly a horribly addictive track.

#1. Cold Blooded @ The Session (AMPRockTV), 2013

We've come to The Pretty Reckless' most outstanding live performance: we watch Ben and Taylor perform 'Cold Blooded' in black and white. Though this song may sound slightly more groovy than what you'd usually expect from the band, the singers still manage to turn it into a raging rock song through this dedicated performance.


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