Must-Do's For Music Fans6 Things Music Lovers Must Do When In Liverpool


Liverpool is a wonderful place for any music fan. Though it is of course most famous for bringing us The Beatles, there is plenty of other stuff to see too. So if you're on your way to Liverpool, here's six things that you must do!

1. The Cavern Club, 10 Mathew St

Cavern Club

It may not be the original Cavern Club The Beatles performed at in their early years, but it is definitely still worth a visit. Right in the centre of town, the Cavern Club has been, and still is, home to many live acts. Good to know: the "new" version of the Cavern Club was built with as many of the original bricks as possible.

2. Wall Of Fame, Mathew St

Liverpool Wall of fame

Only a few steps away from The Cavern Club, right across the street, you will find the ever-so popular Wall Of Fame. The wall is meant to commemorate all bands that were featured in the original Cavern Club from 1957-1973, as well as highlighting some massive contemporary bands. All in all, it is the ultimate tourist hotspot for your holiday selfie.

3. British Music Experience, Cunard Building

Liverpool Cunard Building

The British Music Experience is a museum made to tell the story of - you guessed it - British music culture. It is a fairly new addition to the city's attractions, having only opened in March 2017. The beauty of this place is that it has something on offer for every music lover, whether a fan of old-school Beatles, or today's Adele: the British Music Experience is there to fangirl with you!

4. Liverpool Cathedral, St James Mt

Liverpool Cathedral

This massive cathedral is the largest cathedral and religious building you can find in the UK. It is not only a beautiful, very large, historical site, but it also showcases UK's largest organ! You can add that to your musical must-see list.

5. The Beatles Story, Britannia Vaults, Albert Dock

Liverpool the beatles story

We've come to the Beatles attractions of the list. On Albert Dock, a beautiful historical site in Liverpool, we find The Beatles Story. This museum is dedicated to telling the stories of the fab four and the history of the band. Obviously, a must-visit for any Beatles fan.

6. Lennon's childhood home, 251 Menlove Avenue

Liverpool 251 Menlove Avenue

251 Menlove Avenue, aka John Lennon's childhood home, has been preserved and listed as a Grade II building. The house was restored to resemble its original 1950s look in the early 2000s, and later opened for the public. It has also been known for Oasis' sleeve cover of their 1994 single 'Live Forever'. 

Liverpool oasis live forever

Must Do's For Music Fans 

Here's a list of musical tips for the travellers! What to do besides all the 'regular' things when you're in a city or country? We'll provide you with some (historical) musical facts and to do's in several cities or countries around the world.