Must-Do's For Music Fans8 Must Do's For Music Lovers In Paris


Paris, the city of love. But also the city of croissants, the Eiffel Tower and vendors of the biggest crap at every single corner of the street and at every monument. Deep beneath that outer layer of love and purity is also a big layer of music. And that's why we want to go there again.

1. La flèche d'Or

flèche d'or

Until December 12th 2016, this place was a magnificent concert venue. It used to be a very old train station but it was transformed into a concert venue in the 1980's and it was completely renovated into a magnificent venue in 2009. Unfortunately due to complaints from neighbours and costs that were rising fast, the venue, most famous as an underground club in the 90's and one of the most popular venues for rock and indie music in the years 2000, shut its doors. Now it has been bought by an entrepreneur who wants to turn it into a traditional Irish pub with a lot of room for live music. The pub isn't ready yet, but next time you'll go to Paris, it'll definitely worth a visit.

102 Bis Rue de Bagnolet, 20th district

2. Wanderlust


Not sure what you want to do at night? You want to go clubbing? Drinking? To a bar? A restaurant? If you really can't decide where you want to go you have to pick Wanderlust. It's a massive factory for entertainment on the Seine. And why do you have to go there as a music fan? Because they have an open-air deck terrace with a big bar, DJ's all night long playing the best tunes, and a magnificent view over Paris and the river Seine at night.

32 Quai d'Austerlitz, 13th district

3. Beer and records

beers and records

Fancy a quiet morning after all that clubbing? Maybe you want to go to a record store and guide your hungover head through some great records. But you know what they say right? Nothing better to cure a hangover than some alcohol, so here you can combine these two. You can pick your favourite vinyl while drinking a craft beer. Are we already in heaven?

7 Bis Rue de Vincennes,  Montreuil

4. Caveau des Oubliettes

caveau des oubliettes

Even if you don't fancy jazz music, this jazz bar is worth a visit. It's located in a medieval underground dungeon where there are still some creepy torture devices in the corners. But the atmosphere here is just awesome. Everybody is always so relaxed. But whether that's from the relaxing vibes or from the great cocktails, remains the question.

52 Rue Galande, 4th district

5. Moulin Rouge

moulin rouge

Probably the most famous cabaret theatre in the world is located in Paris. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the Moulin Rouge. Ever since 1830 this place has been well known amongst tourists in Paris. Nowadays it had lost a bit of its infamous reputation and it has become more of a temple for modern music. A must see!

82 Boulevard de Clichy, 18th dristrict

6. Metro

metro parijs

After you've been shopping in Paris and you have to get back to your hotel, you might consider taking the metro. Take this opportunity to go to one of the biggest metro stations in the city. There are always great street artists in these stations, some better than others, but they are guaranteed to give you a great taste of what Paris is really like. And when you go home after a long evening walk and there is just silence? Take your phone, put it on full volume and play some kind of French song. Everyone there will immediately start singing along and it will make the wait a lot less boring. This has been tested and approved!

7. Keep on walking


The great thing about Paris is that in every place where there are a lot of tourists, there are also a lot of musicians doing their thing. Some of them play their own work, some play covers and some... well... nobody really knows what they are doing. But either way, it's always very charming and it's a fun way to be guided around town. So just follow your ears and let them take you around Paris. And who knows, maybe there will be a famous artists playing an undercover set on the street, it wouldn't be the first time. Don't say we didn't warn you!

8. Cabaret Sauvage

cabaret sauvage

Another cabaret theatre, but a little different this time. On normal days you can come here for a delicious meal, a nice drink or a chat, but on special nights, this place is transformed into an amazing and cosy dance club, or one of the most magical concert venues in the world. And come on, who would say no to hearing Noel Gallagher in this almost magical circus tent?

59 Boulevard Macdonald, 19th district

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Must Do's For Music Fans 

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