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Jonathon Ng is only 22 years old but he's already had quite a busy life. Starting out as The Eden Project, he released over 40 songs in under 3 years slowly making his way to success. Now he's operating under a different name, EDEN and he's starting to get his long deserved success. Riding the wave of recent success of similar artists like Petit Biscuit, Jain and maybe even Ed Sheeran, EDEN does it all by himself on stage and slowly builds his own empire of fans.

I. Young pal from Dublin

~ Crush - The Eden Project 
In 2012, Jonathon Ng starts releasing music under the name The Eden Project. As the son of a Chinese father and an Irish mother, he teaches himself how to play basically every instrument and these skills will turn out useful later. What he makes is called "a mix between dubstep and electro" by experts but sometimes he makes a song that is slightly different from this combination and those are his most popular ones. Because of this, Jonathon starts picking a different direction in music. 

II. Death of The Eden Project 

 ~Times Like These - The Eden Project
'Times Like These' is the last song released by The Eden Project in 2015. Jonathon thinks that he's found his place in music so that there is no longer need for an experimental project to discover who he is. The death of The Eden Project also marks the birth of EDEN, the name Jonathon will use as of this moment. As of now, he starts making music that others describe as atmospheric indie electronic music but Jonathon prefers not to use that term, he likes it better when people can't really put a name on what he's doing. 

III. In between, Billie Jean 

~Billie Jean - EDEN 
In the summer of 2015, EDEN released his first EP End Credits under his new name and under his new and own label MCMXCV, marking his year of birth 1995 in Roman numerals. The EP marked the start of his new carreer but also the end of a relationship. On the mini-album he debates with himself to find the better solution, trying to move on and find a better future or hold on to the past. After this EP, he releases a cover of Michael Jackson's hit song 'Billie Jean'. This cover is streamed over 10 million times and lauches his international carreer outside the underground scene.  

IV. Just a lot of Thinking 

~Sex - EDEN 
In 2016, it was time to take things to the next level. EDEN releases another EP, I think you think too much of me, the first one that also had an actual physical version being a vinyl edit. The first few songs are new songs with often very controversial music video's. Afterwards there was even made a VR video for 'Drugs'. On the B-side of this Ep, EDEN makes reworks of some of his songs from the time when he was still working as The Eden Project. Amongst these reworks, there is also a new version of 'Fumes' with an additional verse by Gnash. Ng said that it had always been his intention to add that verse but in his early days he didn't have the right connections to find a rapper who would want to get in the studio with him. 

 V stands for Vertigo 

~Gold - EDEN 
After a lot of teasing on social media, EDEN finally released his first full record in 2018. We're not going to try to describe this album because and we quote EDEN "People ask me what’s the album about: How would you describe the album? And like, if I could tell you what I’m trying to say on the album, I’d just tell you or write it down and show it to you. The album is the best description of the album!" What we can tell you is that it's a great album and that it's bringing him all around the world on his new tour. So when he's playing a show close to you, make sure you go and check him out because we can tell you first hand that his songs sound even better when performed live. (And on the US part of the tour, Vérité is the support act and that makes it even better, don't tell us we didn't warn you ;) ).


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