True StoryA Sweet Jam Turned Into Sweet Child ‘o Mine


Guns ‘N Roses songs are wonderfully crafted, and have a unique and unrivaled sound. You would say that it would’ve taken them some time to come up with them. Well, that’s actually not the case with ‘Sweet Child ‘o Mine’.

Slash, the lead guitarist of the band, was just jamming away in the recording studio way back in 1986. Without really paying attention, he played the section that later turned out to be the intro of Sweet Child. Axl Rose jumped up and said: “Hold the phone!” The band was confused because they didn’t really hear what got Axl so excited. He asked Slash to replay that bit he just did and responded with: “That was amazing!” ‘Sweet Child ‘o Mine’ was born.

Slash said that playing the riff was easy, but it took him all afternoon to line it up correctly to the drums. At that time Rose was the only one who saw potential of the song. “It felt like a sappy ballad to me”, said Slash. The rest of the band wasn’t that convinced either, but Axl pushed on. Luckily, he did, but they couldn’t imagine that it would turn out to be one of their biggest hits, when the song got released in 1988. 

Watch how perfectly Axl's moves contribute to an already jamming song!

True Story

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