Locations From SongsAll Gonna Meet Bruce Springsteen At The Cadillac Ranch!


Bruce Springsteen sings about this very colourful sculpture called 'Cadillac Ranch'. But did you know the place really exists? Discover more about this peculiar place! Photo credits: www.CGPGrey.com

Cadillac Ranch

It's quite a strange scene seeing ten brightly painted Cadillac cars with their hood buried in mud. The classic landmark, situated alongside the legendary route 66 just outside the city of Armarillo, Texas, can't be missed when you're travelling across the USA!

Stanley Marsh III, an eccentric millionaire and Amarillo native who made his money in helium, probably thought that the scenery in Texas could use some colour and contacted The Ant Farm (a San Francisco art collective). They assembled used Cadillacs that represented the Golden Age of American cars and spray painted them.

The Song

'Cadillac Ranch' is featured on Springsteen's legendary album The River (1980). The Boss uses the Cadillac Ranch as a metaphore for the inevitability of death and how things that once were beautiful and glamorous are now replaceable and just a car in the ground, rusting away in the Texan sun.

Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac Ranch @ Toronto, 1984

Locations From Songs

A lot of music was inspired by places. For example, there's 'Chelsea Hotel' or 'Under The Bridge'. In this format, we look them up and present them to you. In that way we create a great list of music inspired to do's around the world.

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