AutoplayAlways Where They Need To Be. 10x the Kooks Live.


Last week, Pinkpop announced that the Kooks will be playing the festival this summer, as did some other festivals earlier this year. Let's hope the band will take over the summer with their funky sing-a-long songs. To get you warmed up, we've selected our 10 favourite live tracks by the Kooks.

10. She Moves In Her Own Way @ Studio Brussel 
If anything determines the true Kooks sound, it's without a doubt singer Luke's voice. Which shows it's force above all in stripped down versions of songs like this one. Just sit back and enjoy, preferably through your headphones.

9. Forgive & Forget @ Reading 2014 
The latest Kooks album, "Listen" dates already back to 2014, and caused quite mixed reactions among critics. When listening to the live performance of this track, you tend to go to a more positive view, as the differences in tempo create a very nice vibe.

8. Kids (MGMT cover) @ Triple J 2009 
Some artists can cover whatever song they like, they'll always be recognised as themselves. This pretty nice MGMT cover shows that the Kooks are one of these artists.

7. Around Town @ Radio One’s Big Weekend 2014 
A song that's known to a big number of people as featured in the famous FIFA games, where it's just a background song on the menu's. When played live, including a gospel choir, the song all of a sudden gets a way more impressive sound, leaving the background function far behind.

6. Ooh La (Acoustic) @ 3 On Stage, Pinkpop 2014 
Debut album Inside In/Inside Out is the perfect example of how to make the perfect debut. The album featured a bunch of singles that guarantee a huge sing-a-long, wherever you are.

5. Be Who You Are (Acoustic) @ Triple J 2018
When the Kooks released a best of-album that featured the best singles from their 4 first albums, 2 new singles where also included, of which 'Be Who You Are' is one. Ta-ta-ta-ta-tadadadaa.

4. Always Where I Need To Be @ Jools Holland 2008 
When searching online for live tracks by the Kooks, acoustic versions seem to dominate the search results. When listening to this performance, you start wondering about what we’re missing with the focus on acoustic versions, as this full band version is pretty damn impressive.

3. Hold On (Alabama Shakes Cover ft. Foster The People) @ Brixton Academy 2012
As a guest appearance by Mark Foster during a Kooks show already showed, The Kooks and Foster The People get along quite well. When this friendship results in great covers like this one, all we music lovers can do is pray that the fiendship will go on forever.

2. Naive @ Leeds 2006 
In the category of "Songs everybody sings along to without knowing the actual lyrics", 'Naive' is without a doubt one of the strongest contestants. But who cares. It's an amazing song, there's nothing more to say about it.

1. Bad Habit (Acoustic) @ 88.9 WERS 2014 
One of the most creative acoustic versions ever performed by the Kooks, including a capella, vocal harmony and a drummer who’s shirt matches the singers pants!


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