AutoplayAn Ode To Ariane Grande: 10x Ariane Live


In light of recent events, we felt an ode to one of the strongest women alive today would be well placed. Therefore, we are dedicating this week's Autoplay to Ariane Grande.

10. Whitney Houston Medley @ Greatest Hits, 2016

In our tribute we find a tribute by Ariane to Whitney Houston, a big inspiration for her. She performed this during the finale of American TV show 'The Greatest Hits' and clearly managed to get the party started!

9. Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj @ MTV VMAs, 2016

In what must have been an exhausting but absolutely fierce attempt to recreate the famous video clip, Ariane kills this pink performance at the MTV VMAs. 'Side To Side' was not her first collaboration with Nicki Minaj, as we will see later on in the list.

8. Into You/Dangerous Woman @ The Voice Final, 2016

After rocking a solo performance of 2016 hit 'Into You', Ariane teams up with the one and only amazing Christina Aguilera for a duet of 'Dangerous Woman'. Grande has stated Aguilera as one of her major influences for her music, so surely this must have been a wonderful opportunity for sharing their passion for music.

7. Be Alright @ Saturday Night Live, 2016

It'll be hard to keep your eyes off this SNL performance of 'Be Alright', as this song is not only a super chill jam, but the artist is also clearly having the time of here life performing it live. And that's what's most important about SNL - to have fun!

6. Bang Bang ft. Jessie J & Nicki Minaj @ American Music Awards, 2014

Women unite! These three ladies are ready to kill it, and kill they will. This smashing performance of 'Bang Bang' at the 2014 AMA's feels like it is the Moulin Rouge performance of this decade. Nicki, Jessie and Ariane have proven to be a very powerful trio on stage, so hopefully these collaborations will keep coming.

5. Focus @ iHeartRadio Theater LA, 2015

Massive hit 'Focus' was initially intended for the Dangerous Woman album, which was to be called Moonlight. This plan was scratched however, and in the end it was not released as part of the album at all. As an inspanidual single it still did a very good job worldwide, though.

4. Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd, 2015

In 2015 Ariane Grande released an acoustic version of 'Love Me Harder', a duet with one of our favourite Canadians The Weeknd. This track off Grande's second album My Everything is one of our favourites because Ariane and The Weeknd's voices make for such a lovely combination.

3. Break Free @ America's Got Talent, 2014

With her signature headband and, as usual, in killer heels, Ariane proves that she certainly belongs amongst America's most talented with this outstanding performance of 'Break Free'.

2. Where Is The Love ft. Black Eyed Peas @ One Love Manchester, 2016

At the One Love Manchester benefit concert, great artists stood together with Ariane Grande and raised money for those affected by the Manchester attack of May 22nd. This performance of 'Where Is The Love' became a symbol for many people in response to the shocking attack.

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow @ One Love Manchester, 2016

No words can express our admiration and appreciation for Ariane's strength after the Manchester attack. We conclude with the song that also concluded the One Love Manchester concert, an emotional cover of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' by Ariane Grande.
The full concert can be watched here on Ariane Grande's Youtube channel. The concert is now also available on Spotify.


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