StereotypesCan you guess the favorite bands of these people?


We at We Speak Music are always searching for musical stereotypes. Last weekend we visited the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin en asked visitors: who is your favorite band? Now we ask you: can you guess their answer only based on their appearance? Good luck.

1. Georgina & Jemma from Manchester, UK

A. Green Day B. Kings of Leon C. Metallica

2. Iviari & Marjukki from Finland

A. Alan Walker B. Tame Impala C. The Rolling Stones

3. Ashley (left) from Berlin, Germany

A. Coldplay B. Paul Kalkbrenner C. Frank Ocean


In 'Stereotypes' we'll test your ability to skills in stereotypical thinking. Can you guess what people are listening to, only based on their appearance? Probably turns out people aren't so easily put in boxes.
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