Can YouCan you name the band by looking at the Bassist?


They are often named 'the boys at the back'; the bass players in bands. Although you won't hear a bass solo that much, they are indispensable for most bands. Along with the drummer they're very important for the rhythm section. Time to play the big bass quiz; can you name the band by looking at the bass player?

1. Let's Go! In what band is this cool guy?

A. Queens of The Stone Age B. Editors C. The Killers

2. And what's his name?

A. Michael Shuman B. David Keuning C. Russel Leetch

3. And this legend was the frontman of which band?

A. Black Sabbath B. Megadeth C. Motörhead

4. And what was his name?

A. Lemmy Kilmister B. Joey Ramone C. Alan Vega

5. In which band did this guy play?

A. Led Zeppelin B. Queen C. The Smiths

6. And do you know his name?

A. Tom Hamilton B. Andy Rourke C. John Deacon

7. In which band does this guy plays the bass?

A. Kasabian B. Muse C. The Vines

8. Name, please?

A. Tim John B. Chris Edwards C. Christopher Wolstenholme

9. This legend died 30 years ago. In which band did he play?

A. Slayer B. Exodus C. Metallica

10. And what was his name?

A. Cliff Burton B. Hillel Slovak C. Tim Davis

11. You're halfway! In which band started this man?

A. Sly & The Family Stone B. The Isley Brothers C. The Temptations

12. Do you know his name?

A. Marvin Isley B. Willie Green C. Larry Graham, Jr.

13. Girlpower! In what band does she plays the bass?

A. Savages B. Pussy Riot C. Haim

14. What's her name?

A. Maria Alyokhina B. Este Haim C. Ayse Hassan

15. You can do this! In what band does this guy play?

A. Pearl Jam B. Red Hot Chili Peppers C. Linkin Park

16. What's his name?

A. Dave Farrel B. Flea C. Jeff Ament

17. Where do you know this guy from?

A. Inner Circle B. Aswad C. The Wailers

18. And do you know his name?

A. Aston Barett B. Dennis Anthony Robinson C. Ian Lewis

19. Last but not least. What band does he play?

A. Kings Of Leon B. Franz Ferdinand C. The Raconteurs

20. And his name is?

A. Bob Hardy B. Jack Lawrence C. Jared Followill

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