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Exactly one year ago, on the 10th of January 2016, David Bowie passed away. He had just released his 25th studio album: 'Blackstar', his final musical gift to the world. Many people expressed their fond memories of his music as well as his eccentric live performances. For this reason, a year after his death, we put together an Autoplay list of Bowie's greatest live performances.

#10 The Jean Genie 2003

This classic hit from the Aladdin Sane album was already 30 years old when Bowie performed it here, but he sings the song like he wrote it the day before. In this list you'll see many newer performances of old songs because, unlike most artists, Bowie never seemed to mind playing the best songs from his enormous discography again and again. We don't mind either!

#9 China Girl @ Olympia 2002

'China Girl' was the second single from Bowie's best selling record Let's Dance, and was one of his biggest hits. Wether you think the song is literally about a chinese girl or about a mix of heroïne and cocaïne, there is no denying it's potency as a rock song, as David demonstrates here.

#8 Ashes To Ashes @ BBC Radio Theater 2000

With 'Ashes to Ashes' from his 1980 album Scary Monsters Bowie dipped his toes into the ever growing pool that was New Wave music. This could be considered a succes, as the song was a modest hit. This live version is a bit different from its studio counterpart because it incorporates much more, you guessed it, live instrumentation. It feels refreshingly clean, and that is why we like it.

#7 Rebel Rebel 2003

'Rebel Rebel' is obviously an anthem for all those youngsters from the 50's and 60's that could not get along with their conservative parents. Even though Bowie was becoming an old man himself at the time of his performance, some of that youthful rebellion still seems to shine through.

#6 Changes @ Elysée Montmartre 1999

One of Bowie's older hits, before he had really made his major breakthrough into legendary status, is still considered one of his greatest song. He performs the song in a very loose manner, not taking his original timing very seriously, and that is exactly why we like it!

#5 Life On Mars @ VH1 Storytellers

This song is part of David Bowie's storytellers performance. It is an intimate and heartwarming performance because of the his stories and the more dramatic vocals. One of our favorite Bowie songs done in a beautiful way. Enjoy!

#4 Heroes @ Glastonbury Festival 2000

The desperation Bowie puts in this song when he performs it live makes you forget you are listening to a rock legend and makes you feel more like you are listening to someone who has loved everything and lost everything. This Gastonbury performance is our favortie example of this.

#3 Space Oddity @ Marquee Club 1973

'Space Oddity' was Bowie's first big hit, all the way back in 1969. This live version comes very close to that original and that is why we love it so. Bowie's singing is great, the guitar solo is great, and to quote one of Bowie's own songs: "The band was so together".

#2 Let's Dance 1983

Now we're looking at an entirely different Bowie. This performance comes from the same year Bowie's smash hit 'Let's Dance' was released, and his excitement for his new material shows. The whole show is full of energy from both Bowie and his band and that is ultimately what this song was intended to be.

#1 Ziggy Stardust @ Santa Monica 1972

Ziggy Stardust was Bowie's original alter ego, and the song and album that he originated from are considered absolute classics. So should this performance. In the wake of Bowie's passing the audio from this performance was remasterd and it sounds absolutely amazing. The playing from the entire band is sharp, Bowie shows his enthousiasm more than ever and his singing is almost as good as on the studio version. This is one performance we hop Bowie will be remembered for for a long time!


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