Can YouDo you recognize these singers by their hairdo?


The hairdo is an important part of the appearance of an artist. Therefore, artists can sometimes do weird stuff to their hair locks. Blue, green, purple, curly, dreadlocks, bolt, a hat, they have it all. Time for a tough test! Do you recognize these artists just by their hardo?

1. Who is the owner of these nice blonde hair locks? 

A. Tom Odell B. Dolly Parton C. Andy Burrows

2. To whom belongs this beautiful bun?

A. Deadmau5 B. Alex Vargas C. Zayn Malik

3. And whose are these two colorful buns?

A. Miley Cyrus B. Lady Gaga C. Katy Perry

4. Gingers Do Have Souls! 

A. Chris Martin B. Matthew Bellamy C. Ed Sheeran

5. Which great singer is this?

A. Johnny Cash B. Roy Orbison C. Elvis Presley

6. And this one? To whom belongs this tuft of hair?

A. Michael Jackson B. Robert Smith C. Robert Plant

7. And these shine blonde hair locks?

A. Joss Stone B. Ellie Goulding C. Taylor Swift

8. Do you know this one as well? 

A. Alice Cooper B. Brian Johnson C. Ozzy Osbourne

9. To whom belongs this short haircut? 

A. Drake B. Kanye West C. Jay-Z

10. Gingers do Have Souls, part 2. 

A. Patti Scialfa B. Florence Welch C. Jess Glynne

11. Dreadlocks are always good, but whose dreads are these?

A. Lil Wayne B. Michael Franti C. Bob Marley

12. This one? 

A. Dave Grohl B. Chris Cornell C. Eddie Vedder

13. And who is the owner of this grey hair lock?

A. Ronan Keating B. Robbie Williams C. George Michael

14. This sleeky hairstyle?

A. Mark Ronson B. Sam Smith C. John Newman

15. Blonde and short, to whom belongs this one?

A. Gwen Stefani B. Madonna C. Pink

16. The last one, whose hairdo is this?

A. Eric Clapton B. Paul McCartney C. Elton John
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