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About Time is a British romantic comedy-drama from 2013. It tells the story of a young man who can travel in time. Tim tries to change his past in order to improve his future. You might recognise Domhnall Gleeson, who plays Tim, as Bill Weasly from the Harry Potter movies. His co-star Rachel McAdams is known from films as The Notebook, The Vow and Sherlock Holmes. Be prepared for moving, heartbreaking and loving songs from About Time!

If you don't know the movie or it's been some time since you've last seen it, here's a quick reminder...

Nick Laird-Clowes - About Time Theme 

About Time is about a young man, Tim Lake, from Cornwall, England. He grows up close to the seaside with his parents, his absent-minded uncle Desmond and his free-spirited sister Katherine (a.k.a. Kit Kat).

Ron Sexsmith - Gold In Them Hills 

When Tim turns 21, his Dad tells him that he has something important to tell him. "This is going to sound strange, be prepared for strangeness, get ready for spooky time. But there's this family secret, and the secret is that the men in the family can... travel in time. Well, more accurately travel back in time, we can't travel into the future." To which Tim replies: "This is such a weird joke." But the word is out!

 Groove Armada - At The River 

During the summer, Kit Kat's friend Charlotte spends the holiday with Tim's family. Tim falls in love with her and decides to tell her at the end of the summer. When summer ends, Charlotte tells Tim that she's sorry that he waited until the last moment to tell her. It turns out that Charlotte isn't a very honest person... 

Paul Buchanan - Mid Air

After summer, Tim moves to London to pursue a career as a lawyer. He stays with Harry, an old acquaintance of his father. One evening, Tim goes to a Dans Le Noir restaurant with his friend Rory. At the restaurant they get the same table as Mary and a friend of hers. When they leave the restaurant and see each other for the first time, Tim is startled by Mary's appearance. 

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love 

Because Tim travels back in time to help Harry, he ends up not going to the restaurant. So, he never meets Mary, and loses her phone number. Desperate to meet her (again), he goes to a Kate Moss exposition because Mary mentioned being a huge fan of hers. He spends his whole day at the expo with Kit Kat until he finally sees her...

Jimmy Fontana - Il Mondo

Tim and his father both share a love for a (weird) Italian song: Il Mondo. One of the only things Tim decides about the wedding is that this song should be playing when Mary walks down the aisle. From the first moment that the song comes on, the wedding's already a success for Mary, Tim and (clearly) his father. Even the typical English weather can't ruin the fun.

Ben Folds - The Luckiest 

When Mary and Tim get their first child, Posy, Tim often has no time to travel back in time. He also discovers that he can't go back in time past the birth of his daughter. He realises he doesn't have to go back in time to fix every small thing. He tries to enjoy the moment as much as possible.

Nick Cave - Into My Arms 

When Mary and Tim get a call from Tim's mother they receive bad news: Tim's father is very ill. They ask the young couple to come over to Cornwall to visit him. A couple of weeks later, they are once more on their way to Cornwall, this time to attend the funeral of Tim's father.

Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney and Ben Coleman - How Long Will I Love You

If there is one particular romantic scene from this movie you remember, it's probably this one. While going on with their daily routines, Tim and Mary never fail to tell each other that they're still in love. This scene perfectly sums up the movie: an extraordinary ordinary love.

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