True StoryFrom Cheesy Boyband To Popsensation: The Script


We all know The Script as a pop band, topping the charts like it’s nothing. But did you know two of the members are former boyband singers?

The three musicians are playing  sold out arena shows all around the world. Their singles turn into hits in no time and their fan base is getting bigger and bigger. But before The Script was The Script, two of the three guys were… well, famous in another genre. 

From dance teacher to boyband heartthrob 

Over twenty years ago, in 1996, the boyband-business was booming. Groups like the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were unbelievably popular. Mark Sheehan (now The Script’s guitarist), was working as a hip-hop dancing teacher at the time and got asked to join this new band. They were still missing a member and Sheehan asked one of his friends to join. MyTown was formed and started performing little showcases in the U.S. 

Danny O’Donoghue 

After one of these showcases, founding member Tony Dunne decided to leave and focus on other ambitions. Sheehan knew exactly who was the right replacement: Danny O’Donoghue (who is now known as the singer of The Script). MyTown was complete again and the band even signed to Universal Music! 

Shortly after signing to Universal, the band started writing music for their debut album. Although the album was planned to be released worldwide, it never saw daylight in England and Ireland due to internal struggles within Universal Records U.S.A. The album, named MyTown, was not as successful as the band had hoped it would be. It had some nice songs, but it didn’t contain enough top-of-the-charts material. 

Sadly, soon after the release of their debut album, the label that was part of Universal, was dropped. MyTown were released from their contract and decided to pursue their own individual careers.

And we all know how that ended for Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue!  

True Story

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