Coffee BreakGorillaz are back! Their story in one cup of coffee


After months of speculation about a new Gorillaz album, which we were supposed to have had last year, the band has finally dropped a new single! This could indicate that the long-awaited sequel to 2011's mildly disappointing 'The Fall', might finally be on its way. For now, there are plenty of superb Gorillaz tracks to keep us busy, while we await the new album. So, we picked the outmost essential songs for you to enjoy, while having your cup of umber!

I: Clint Eastwood

The very first Gorillaz song is still their ultimate anthem. This trip-hop inspired song features rapverses by the underground rapper Del The Funky Homosapien. The song is a total cult-classic and according to many, it's one of the musical highlights of the 2000s. The videoclip by co-founder Jamie Hewlett is just as much of a classic, full of references to iconic movies of the last century. The melodica melody in the song reminded Damon Albarn of the Ennio Moricone soundtrack to 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' starring Clint Eastwood, hence the title.

II: 19-2000

This song is another highlight of the band's debut and features guest-vocals by Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads, among others. The song doesn't really seem to be about anything, which is somewhat typical for the Gorillaz. The catchy chorus goes "Get the cool, get the cool shoeshine". Bonkers!

III: Feel Good Inc.

This was the lead-single to 2005's 'Demon Days'. Many will agree that it is here, that we catch the band at its peak. In fact, it's the most successful song the band has ever released! Damon & co teamed with hip-hop pioneers De La Soul on this track, a group worth checking out! winkwink The success of the track might be attributed to its booty-shaking-evoking rhythms, thanks to the super groovy bassline. Cheers Murdoc!

IV: Stylo

'Stylo' is among the more dance-orientated tracks in the band's discography. The song is one of my favourites, mostly because of the passionate vocal deliveries by both soul legend Bobby Womack and Damon Albarn himself. They really seem to elevate each other, making the track so much more intense. Not unimportant: the videoclip stars no one less than Bruce Willis! The clip is quite different, than anything previously done by the band, featuring more computer animations and actual film footage. This marks the first time the band hasn't used any 2D nopunintended animation.

V: On Melancholy Hill

'On Melancholy Hill' is probably the schmaltziest popsong the band ever released, but is also a welcome 'pick-me-up' in the middle of their 'Plastic Beach' album. The lyrics are much sweeter, than on the other tracks, actually it's just really cute song, in all its melancholy. The clip, again, is a bit of a short-film and shows a side of Noodle, which was previously unknown to us.
"When you can't get what you want, but you can get me. So, let's set out to sea. 'Cause you are my medicine. When you're close to me, when you're close to me"
Secretly, this is how like to hear Damon Albarn the most !


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