Coffee BreakGreg Lake passed away, but who was he?


Sad news: Greg Lake passed away tuesday, after a long illness. We commemorate this 'progrockking' using five Emerson, Lake & Palmer tracks, for you to check, while you can sip on your cup of brew!

Part 1: What a lucky man he was

Lake was a keyfigure in the progressive rock movement of the 1970s and playing in King Crimson, before founding Emerson, Lake & Palmer, on King Crimson's unrivaled debut album, you can get a taste of Lake's powerful singing and playing. However, we knew Greg Lake best because of his work as a singer, bassist and gitarist in supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
This song of their first album became a reasonable hit and a live staple for Lake, for many, many years to follow.

Part 2: Big Boulder

'Take A Pebble' was entirely written by Greg Lake, but arranged in cooperation with de rest of the band. Notice the abstract piano bits by keyboardist Keith Emerson, who earlier this year, commited suiced, after battling a lengthy depression, which developed because he was not able to play anymore, while suffering a muscle affection.

Part 3: Razor Sharp

'Knife Edge' is the third song of their debut. At first, it seems to be a relatively straightforward piece of rock music, but quickly spanes into uncompromising hardcore prog. In this song the band used melodic themes composed by no one less than the OG-progguru himself: Johann Sebastian Bach! Again, Lake gives a tremendous performance, both on vocals and on bass. Be sure to notice Emerson's bizarre 'eletronic water kettle-esque' solo!

Part 4: Car bus

'Tarkus' is the titular track of the band's second album and was their first (and only) number-one album. The album opens with the seven-part epic 'Tarkus', in which de band seamlessly jump from bit to bit; a worthy progrock marathon! The sixth part was written by Greg Lake. According to many, 'Tarkus' was not only the band's creative and technical peak, but also that of progressive rock altogether!

Part 5: At The Museum

The most ambitious project Greg Lake ever took part in: an adaptation of Mussorgsky's 'Pictures At An Exhibition' for threepiece! Even though the project revolves around Emerson's virtuosity and classical abilities, we can surely agree, Lakr contributes fantastic parts to this 'over-the-top' performance. The fans massively enjoyed to subsequent livealbum 'Pictures At An Exhibition'as it reached the #2 spot on the English album charts!

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were among the most successful prog-acts of the 1970s, because of how well Lake's amazing poprock songwriting complemented Emerson's more abstract and classicaly rooted work! Lake was a true master of his craft and a musician by heart. He might have been not be the most well-known artist of his time, but purist surely won't forget about him.


There's an incredible amount of artists and bands on this planet. Sometimes they make it to the news, yet you don't really know who they really are. 'Coffeebreak' to the rescue. In one cup of coffee, we give you a crash course: five keytracks with five paragraphs of explanation. After that you can safely join all coffee machine conversations.  
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