True StoryHave You Heard About How Miles Davis Got The Byrds A Record Deal?


That's right! Miles Davis, the ultimate jazz legend of all time is the one who got upcoming psychedelic folk outfit 'The Byrds' signed to Columbia Records back in the day. Here's how it happened.

Roger McGuinn recalled in an interview: "I never met Miles, but one of the people in his management group knew our producer. His daughter had heard about us and then Miles encouraged the people at Columbia to take a chance on us. He told them that was the music young people were listening to, rather than what was on their label. They signed us and gave us a one-song deal. Then they sat on the single for months."

The single McGuinn was talking about is "Mr. Tambourine Man", a Bob Dylan cover! The iconic jangle-pop anthem reached the number one spot on both the UK and American charts! Some might even say it's better than the original. 

It was fitting that Miles Davis was the one to get the band signed, as the band later experimented with jazz themselves. These experiments resulted in the US top-20 hit "Eight Miles High", with lead-guitar inspired by the saxophone playing of John Coltrane.

True Story

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