Locations From SongsHunstanton, The Place Where Deaf Havana Grew Up


It’s a two and a half hours drive from London all the way up to Hunstanton. It's a little town with high cliffs and a lot of history. That’s what Deaf Havana’s ‘Hunstanton Pier’ is about.

Singer James Veck-Gilodi grew up in this small town in the North East of England. According to the songlyrics of ‘Hunstanton Pier’, Veck-Gilodi left his hometown in 2004 when he was sick of the place he grew up in and ready for more adventure.

“Lee and me were schooled in a tourist town, with less culture than Jeremy Kyle” is what Veck-Gilodi sings at the beginning of the second verse. That doesn’t sound really positive, but in the chorus he sings that he “needs the pier and the fresh sea air of the town that made me”. Most of the members of Deaf Havana got to know each other in Hunstanton, which makes the place something to remember. 


The pier of Hunstanton doesn’t even really exist anymore, if we can believe the multiple articles online. It got ruined in a storm and the remains caught fire years later. The town Hunstanton does exist, it’s located in West Norfolk and has a little less than 5000 inhabitants. The biggest city nearby is Norwich, but that’s still an hour and a half drive. 

So it's a pretty distant small town, but it’s a nice town to visit for a vacation. On one side of the town you can find the touristic side, with the beach and hotels. On the other side of town you can find the little village with typical English houses. 


Locations From Songs

A lot of music was inspired by places. For example, there's 'Chelsea Hotel' or 'Under The Bridge'. In this format, we look them up and present them to you. In that way we create a great list of music inspired to do's around the world.