AutoplayJohn Mayer: The King Of Live Performances


Well yes, John Mayer might be the present king of live performances. He fills up arenas and plays for a minimum of two hours! It’s extremely hard to pick, but here are 10 of John’s best live performances!

10. Gravity @ Pinkpop, 2010 

Even without hearing his voice, Gravity is so easy to recognize from its guitar riff (which is not unusual when listening to John Mayer). His guitar is not only his guidance through the song, but it also plays a main role in his songs. John Mayer is loved by many because of his festival shows, because they’re always different than the night before in another city or another country. 

 9. Something Like Olivia @ Tiger Jam, 2011 

Well, look at that long haired man with his hat again! Though this might be a long time ago, it’s still very timeless, because Mayer is such a steady musician. Have you ever heard John Mayer singing out of tune? No, exactly. 

8. In Your Atmosphere @ Hotel Cafe Hollywood, 2017 

Okay, we know how good John Mayer is at playing songs in full stadiums and fields of festivals. We hardly get to see Mayer playing the tiny venues in an intimate setting, and that’s a shame. Check out this performance of ‘In Your Atmosphere’, where only 165 lucky fans were allowed to see this. We’re so lucky it was filmed.

7. XO (Beyonce cover)  @ Sydney, 2014

He has so many good songs, that it’s almost a shame to promote one of the many covers he made his own. And that’s really what he did: it becomes really difficult to remember the original when listening to the John Mayer cover. Some of his younger fans might even know the songs only through John Mayer, for example ‘Free Fallin’, a Tom Petty Cover, or Bill Withers’ 'Ain't No Sunshine'.

6. Half of my heart @ Wembley, 2013 

John Mayer is not only a very good performer and showman, he sometimes also likes to show his goofy side during the concert. This song might not be as old as ‘Slow Dancing’ or ‘Daugthers’, but it became a classic, with or without the help of Taylor Swift.

5. Daughters (John Mayer Trio), Bowery Ballroom, 2005 

Due to illness and the absence of a fourth band member, The John Mayer Trio came to life. There was an obvious chemistry between the three, so they decided to record an album together. They lasted only for a while, but luckily, they decided to go back on stage together. Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan joined John on his tour promoting his album ‘The Search For Everything’. 

4. Your Body Is A Wonderland, 2009 

It’s definitely not one of Mayer’s most successful songs, but it’s so good! The clip looks like it was shot in the 80s, which fits the song unexpectedly well. In whatever setting the song is played, it always sounds this small and intimate (no pun intended). 

3. Waiting On The World To Change @ Storytellers, 2009 

How could the leading single of his most praised album ‘Continuum’ be ignored in this Autoplay? Well, it can’t, so here it is! It was his first single after ‘Daughters’ in 2004, and the comeback effect was huge. We could’ve picked any performance of this song, but the impromptu (by the looks of it) jam session at the ending of the video made the decision easier! 

2. Dreaming With A Broken Heart, Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 2014 

Even in a venue with more than 17,000 fans, John Mayer can make it feel like you’re the only one listening. ‘Dreaming With A Broken Heart’ live in Amsterdam is a very good example of this! Not a full band, but just Mayer and his guitar - and it’s so good. 

1. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room @ Nokia Theatre, 2008 

Last but definitely not least, one of Mayer's most special live songs! ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning’ room is one of the highlights of his liveshows, it’s hard to find a set list without this song on it. The song is a fan favorite and is of course the number one in this Autoplay! 


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