AutoplayKasabian Is On Fire, Especially Live!


Kasabian is touring again. Their latest album was released earlier this year but they did not perform at a lot of festivals. Almost half a year later, they have completed their European tour and, as we speak, they are announcing some live dates for the summer of 2018. To prepare you for these magnificent shows, we present you the 10 best live tracks of one of the best thing Great-Brittain has to offer.

10. Fancy (Iggy Azelea cover) @ BBC radio 1 Live Lounge

I know, it's not one of their original songs, but I don't think that many would mind if a great indie band covers a very basic R&B/popsong and turns it into something this great. And it's a great song to introduce people to Kasabian and then drag them to one of their concerts with you (definitely a win-win situation)!

9. Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill cover) @ Triple J Like A Version

Another cover, but once again it's quite a special one. The lads from Leicester like to play covers, but they never stay in their own genre. They like to do something different and love to surprise their fans with a surprising cover now and then.

8. You're In Love With A Psycho @ Later ... with Jools Holland, 2017

Serge Pizzorno and the rest of the band like to write songs about their personal experiences and things that are recognizable by everyone. And I believe that everyone has quite some experience with being in love with a psycho (sorry babe!). But it does make a great song. It was one of the first things we heard from them after being gone for quite some time, so there were reasons enough for it to become a massive hit.

7. Shoot The Runner @ Reading, 2017

Tom, the lead singer of Kasabian, used to be a drug addict. Because of this, a lot of their songs are about drugs, mostly heroin or cocaine. When you take a closer look at these lyrics, you could also argue that a lot of the songs are about failed relationships and the difificulties that come with maintaining a strong relationship while working on a career.

6. Eez-Eh @ Rock en Seine, 2015

This was the lead single from their second to latest album 48:13. The song is great, but let's just talk about that album title for just one second. Can you just imagine the meeting they were in when one of the big bosses asked what the album title would become and everyone started thinking, untill some guy asked how long the album was? He was about to get fired, but suddenly the band stood up and gave the guy a big Christmas bonus. This is how this album got his name (or at least it's a nice way of thinking how it happened.

5. Where Did All The Love Go @ T In The Park, 2012

The band calls this a Fleetwood Mac song. It was first recorded with a different intro, a longer outro (although this version has once again a different and slower outro) and a softer beat. It was producer Dan Nakamura, famous for his own work as hip hop star and as producer of the debut album from the Gorillaz.

4. L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) @ Glastonbury, 2005

This is where it all started for the band. When their debut was released in 2004, it immediately took over and dominated the charts. It also landed them a spot in the line-up for the biggest music festival in the world: Glastonbury.

3. Days Are Forgotten @ Glastonbury, 2014

So this is a song with a story. Serge Pizzorno wrote the song about his admiration for hip hop MC's and their 'this is how I do and I don't care if you don't like it' attitude. He has always been very scared of what people think of his music. Right after releasing this song, rapper and actor LL Cool J contacted him to ask if he could feature on a remix of the song. The first time they played this song was at Sziget 2011. The band came on stage and started playing it right away, without even rehearsing it. And it immediately took it's place in the setlist for the rest of the tour.

2. Rewired @ VEVO  Presents Live From Leicester, 2011

We're already at number two so maybe it's time to tell you something about the legendary live performances of Kasabian. They tend to play hard and energetic shows packed with hits, banging drums and epic guiter riffs. Their lightshow is different compared to other rockbands. They don't really use a lot of flashing lights or radiant projections, they prefer using their lights in a way to create an atmosphere. It's more to hightlight their music rather than distracting people from the perfromance itself.

1. Fire @ The O2, 2012

Was it hard picking a number one for this autoplay? Not really, because when we think of Kasabian, the first thing that comes to our mind is this song. Everyone sings along with this song at least once in their life. And if you don't really know the lyrics? Then why are you even reading this article? Shame on you! And for those who do know the song, I bet that it's already stuck in your head. 'I'm on fiiirrrreeee!!!'


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