True StoryKevin Parker Skipped An Exam To Get Tame Impala Signed


The less I know the better: that's what Tame Impala singer Kevin Parker thought. To get a record deal, he once skipped an exam while studying Astronomy.

Kevin was studying Astronomy in Perth, following his father's advice, who didn't see much of a future in a musical career for his son. Kevin paid little attention to school and focused himself on his music. His devotion eventually led to fantastic news: while he was on his way to an exam, Kevin got a call from recordlabel 'Modular', telling him they wanted to sign Tame Impala! Kevin didn't bother to make the exam and headed home to bandmate Jay Watson to share the news with him.

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Our psychedelic hero recalls: "I was walking around uni, the exam was in 20 minutes and I was meant to be studying but I was thinking about this call. Then five minutes before the exam I thought, Fuck, I better start walking to the exam, and then the call came on the way there and I was like, Fuck it, sweet! I’m out!”

True story

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