Coffee BreakOne Of 2018's Rising Stars: Get To Know San Holo


Sander, a 26 year old Dutch guy, is playing crowded venues in America, has been announced for one of Coachella's biggest tents in April, and is one of rising stars of 2018. It’s about time to get to know San Holo!

I. Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (San Holo Remix) 

When Sander was young, he used to play the guitar. Well, not just play it, he even studied it. But then something else came around the corner. DJ and producer San Holo was born when he decided to make a remix of Dr. Dre’s ‘The Next Episode’. The video has more than 153 million (!) views. 

II. Trip 

Okay, so we have this first remix of a popular song, but it’s time to move on to his own music. ‘Trip’ comes from the new San Holo EP, which is hardly a month old at the time of writing. Though the EP is new, the song is an oldie in a new jacket: ‘Trip’ was originally released three years ago. 

III. Lines of the broken 

He’s strong in his solowork, he’s very visible in his collaborations. Sometimes musicians are hardly recognizable with other vocals, but San Holo has something very unique! 

IV. I Still See Your Face 

He wrote one of his biggest singles to date on one of the many hotel beds he slept on. The song wasn’t finished without a good vocalist, but as an example, he sang the song himself. It sounded so good that he decided to keep his own voice as the vocals to this song. We couldn’t agree more! 

V. Light 

We finish this Coffee Break with the song that made San Holo popular in the USA. ‘Light’ is haunting and very catchy, it’s a track that stays with you. Back in 2016, it was his first song in the US Dance Charts, and now he has just finished his own tour and is playing Coachella in April. Not bad for a Dutchie!  


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