Essential Music NewsPearl Jam Surprises Fans With New Song 'Can't Deny Me'


Members of Pearl Jam's Ten Club received good news last night. In an exclusive email, Pearl Jam unveiled their new protest song 'Can't Deny Me'. That's one we didn't see coming!

'March Newsletter: Surprise Ten Club, New PJ Music' arrived in their inboxes last night. It is the band's first original song since 'Lightning Bolt' from 2013. 

'Can't Deny Me' is the name of the new protest song. The band shared a snippet of the song on Instagram:

'Can't Deny Me' is a protest song that sees Eddie Vedder taking some not so veiled shots at America’s current president. In the snippet, you can hear parts of it: “You may be rich but you can’t deny me/ Got nothing but the will to survive,” he sings at one point. “The country you are representing/ Condition critical,” goes another line. To hear the full song, you'll need to sign up for the Ten Club, or you should probably visit one of their upcoming shows.

Next week, Pearl Jam will start with their South American tour, so the release of the new single might be an anticipation on that. The band will also play shows in the US and Europe this summer. 

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