Simply The BestRound 2: What Is The Best Summer Track Of 2017? Vote Now!


Almost all festivals are over and it's already september, which means that the summer has almost come to an end. Yet there is no ending of the summer without choosing the best summer track of 2017. Get your sunglasses and a cocktail, and bring out your vote to this month's Simply The Best!

Time for Round 2! In this month's Simply The Best we're looking for the best track of this summer. We started last week with a longlist of 16 tracks. Each week we halve the choices by eliminating the songs with the least votes.  It' s up to you to make the choices and come back every week to vote.

Guess what? Both 'Despacito' and 'Shape Of You' didn't make it to the next round. Maybe you've heard them a bit too often? Right now, there are only 8 options left. What about 'Holding On' by The War On Drugs? It definitely gives you some good summervibes, but will it survive to the next round? What is your favorite track of this summer? Bring out your vote now!

Simply The Best 

Every month we're looking for  a new 'Simply The Best'. What's the best guitar solo ever? The best summer song? Or Festival? We start with 16 options and it's up to you to make a choice. Each weak we halve the options by eliminating the festivals with the least votes. By the end of every month we know 'who' or 'what' is Simply The Best.