AutoplayShut Your Eyes And Enjoy Snow Patrol's 10 Best Live Tracks


Just say yes when somebody asks you to join them for a Snow Patrol Show. They've build up quite a live reputation and nobody can argue with that. The band from Dundee is planning a new album and has already announced quite some festival shows for this summer so it's time for us to present you their 10 best live performances!

10. Wonderwall & Champagne Supernova @ V festival, 2009

This is just epic! Whenever a band covers Oasis the crowd goes wild but this is even more awesome. Even when you're just watching the clip on your phone or your laptop, you feel like you're on the festival ground yourself. Even when they mess up for a second, the crowd just cheers and never stops singing. We're seriously hoping that they will pull off another cover like this on their next tour.

9. Set Fire To The Tird Bar (ft Lisa Hannigan) @ T in The Park, 2012

Originally, the female voice is perfomed by Canadian singer Martha Wainwright but for this special live version, Lisa Hannigan decided to join the band on stage. Hannigan is from Ireland herself and worked together with Damien Rice and Rodrigo y Gabriela before starting a succesful career by herself.

8. Shut Your Eyes @ Pinkpop, 2009

One of their biggest hits but not necessarily one of their best songs (resulting in a rather low place in this list). The meaning behind the song is pretty stunning so it does deserve a place in our top 10. It's about remembering the good times in life when it lets you down a little. And to be honest, it's also pretty funny that the crowd won't stop singing.

7. Open Your Eyes @ Ward Park, 2010

And here we are again. First they tell you to shut your eyes and now you have to open them again. This show was according to some sources, the biggest one up until then to be played in Northern Ireland, in the city where lead singer Gary Lightbody was born. It turned out to be a succes and the show was staged again a couple years later.

6. Called Out In The Dark @ Letterman, 2012

It's a song that's very '2018'. It's about how everybody has their own opinion and how people are constantly arguing with each other to convince others of their opinion. But you have to be able to create your own opinion and make this your own time and take your own chances.

5. Take Back The City @ T in The Park, 2009

T in The Park is a Scottish festival and Snow Patrol is a Scottish based band so that sounds like a match made in heaven. Luckily, the guys form T in The Park are always so friendly to put a lot of videos on YouTube so we can enjoy them. The path of Snow Patrol wasn't easy. They often had to chance names in their early days and it took them a lot of time to get some succes. Their first albums were appreciated by critics but were no commercial success so they decided to change labels and suddenly the world was at their feet.

4. This Isn't Everything You Are @ T in The Park, 2012

A song with a powerful message. It's not the tragedies in your life that define you, it's the way you deal with them and try to overcome them. The song combines three different heartbreaking stories about alcoholism, death and bad relationships but at the end of the day, the difficulties in life aren't everything you are.

3. Chasing Cars @ Music for Life, 2011

Snow Patrol on a very cold and sunny winter day at Belgium's most famous charity show on top of a radio studio performing an acoustic version of one of their biggest hits, can the set up be any better? It's a long video because Garry first has to prove that he's not only a singer and a musician but also a man of the people and that he really cares about his fans.

2. Just Say Yes @ Music for Life, 2011

When you find the perfect formula, you don't have to change it so we go back to Music for Life for round two. Gary is a bit of a womaniser and we're starting to get why. If he would ever get tired of being a musician, he can always become a comedian. He's always joking, even when he's on live radio. But that doesn't make his performance any less great! And it's always refreshing to hear a softer and more quiet version of their powerful and solid songs.

1. Run @ Oxegen, 2009

Just pick up your guitar, sing an intro and then let 80000 people take over. It's a recipe that Snow Patrol likes to take adventage of during their concerts. And that's why it works so well, everybody knows at least a couple of their songs so they can sing along and their music is basically just made to be heard live. So whenever you get the chance to see them live, please take that chance, we know we will!


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