AutoplayThe 10 Best Live Performances Of Jamiroquai


Jamiroquai just kicked off their Arena Tour in the Manchester Arena and will perform in several European and South-American countries. Here are the 10 best live performances of the great acid-jazz/funk band. (Photo credits: Fabio Venni)

10. When You Gonna Learn @ Transmusicales de Renne, 1992

'When You Gonna Learn' is the debut single of the British funk band Jamiroquai. The single was first released in 1992 and was re-released in 1993. The song is about environmental awareness and features a didgeridoo.

9. Little L @ Paleo Festival, 2017

'Little L' is written by frontman Jay Kay and keyboardist Toby Smith. The song is about the break-up between Kay and his ex-girlfriend, actress Denise van Outen. The pair broke up beacause of his cocaine addiction. Low-key want that hat.

8. Seven Days @ Clapham Common, 2006

You might know this song from the romcom The Devil Wears Prada starring Anne Hathaway, but 'Seven Days in Sunny June' didn't become that much of a hit.

7. Space Cowboy @ Montreux Jazz Festival, 1995

Yes, that's Jay Kay smoking weed on stage. It used to be a habit of the lead singer of Jamiroquai who has been known for his drug addiction. In 2010 Kay successfully battled a 7 year cocaine addiction and he has been clean ever since.

6. Virtual Insanity @ Nobel Peace Prize Concert, 2010

'Virtual Insanity' is one of Jamiroquai's biggest hits. The funk band was one of the performers during the Noble Peace Prize Concert, along with Florence + The Machine and Barry Manilow.

5. Cosmic Girl @ Verona, 2015

Who doesn't know 'Cosmic Girl'? Although the hit song received mixed reviews from critics, it achieved great success peaking at #6 at the UK Charts.

4. Lifeline @ Nobel Peace Prize Concert, 2010

Jamiroquai is a great band to see live, but it's even better with a complete orchestra!

3. Travelling Without Moving @ Jazz Café London, 2006

'Travelling Without Moving' is a single from Jamiroquai's third studio album, which has the same name. The album Travelling Without Moving has a record in the Guiness Book of Records: it's the best selling funk album in history..

2. Canned Heat @ Jazz Café London, 2006

What does 'Canned Heat' mean? The song is about the urge to dance, when a substance is found on your heels. The song reached the #1 position in the US dance chart.

1. Bad Girls @ Verona, 2015

Toot toot, hey, beep beep! Jay Kay sings the Donna Summer classic 'Bad Girls' in the pouring rain, but that doesn't stop the audience from dancing!


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