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Run The Jewels have been one of hip-hop's most exciting duos since the release of their first album back in 2013, consisting of Killer Mike(on the right), and El-P(on the left). Their politically charged, funny and sometimes ridiculous lyrics combined with their great technical ability and flow make it hard to keep a neutral face while listening to many of their great tracks. As their third album Run The Jewels 3 was released today, we decided to search through their live performances to find out which are the best!

#10 Oh My Darling Don't Cry @ Rock en Seine 2015

Due to the critical and commercial succes of Run The Jewels and Run The Jewels 2 the duo have gathered fans all around the world. This French crowd at the Rock en Seine festival is an example, as they can't seem to get enough.

#9 Close Your Eyes @ Woo-Hah! 2015

Another European performance, at a Dutch festival called Woo-Hah! El-P fairly warned all the people in the audience that if they had bought new sneakers they were in bad luck, and looking at the crowd he was right. The intense energy of RTJ carries oververy well to the bystanders as moshpits instintly start erupting when the beat begins.

#8 Nobody Speak @ Jimmy Fallon

This collaboration with DJ Shadow may not be the Jewels' own song, but they perform it like it is. The live brass section is a nice touch.

#7 Run The Jewels @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

A duo called Run The Jewels, performing a song called 'Run the Jewels' from their first album Run The Jewels. A bit confusing perhaps, but a great performance nonetheless. The energy El-P brings with his first verse almost sets the crowd on fire.

#6 Crown @ Jimmy Kimmel Live

One of the Jewels' more easy-going songs. The craziest performance on this one probably comes from the backing guitarist, who seems to enjoy his time a lot!

#5 Talk To Me @ The Game Awards 2016

Killer Mike and El-P have both said they like playing video games in their pasttime, so their appearance as an act at the 2016 Game Awards was not a big surprise. The first song they perform here, 'Talk To Me', will appear on their next album Run The Jewels 3.

#4 Love Again ft. Gangsta Boo @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2015

The lyrics of this song are not safe for work to say the least. We will be the first to admit we could not believe this song was real when we first heard it. That does not mean that it is not a catchy rapsong that you definitely want to sing along with. It just means that in certain situations maybe you shouldn't.

#4 Sea Legs @ Log Cabin Sessions

While it is great that Run The Jewels always tries to make their performances hype as hell, it is nice to see a performance where they are not screaming at the top of their lungs. A nice and easy performance by Mike and El.

#2 Pew Pew Pew @ Jack Daniel's Uncut Sessions

While we can't even see the entire performance in this one, the quality is very high. Mike and El are both on point and their flows come very close to the original recording.

#1 Early @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2015

'Early' is a song about being arrested or at least hassled by police in front of one's own kid, a problem many African-Americans have to be afraid of every day. Both performances show that it is a topic RTJ cares about very much and thats what makes it so good. Run The Jewels are not always just two aggressive rappers shouting over noisey beats. Sometimes there is more thought to it than that, and this performance shows that very well.


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