Known FromThe 10 Best Songs From The Series Suits!


Seven seasons in already, and Suits is still one of the biggest series of today. Not only because of the storyline but also because of the music used in the series. Here's 10 of the best songs heard in Suits!

10. Ima Robot - Greenback Boogie 

Let’s start of with the most famous song of the series: the theme song! Every Suits fan will recognize this song, and probably sing along too. 

9. Perfume Genius – Normal Song 

This song captures a sad moment in Suits, when Rachel has to tell Mike his grandma passed away. Behind Perfume Genius is Mike Hadreas, a guy from Seattle whose songs also got played on Mr. Robot and Hemlock Grove. 

8. Nash – Armageddon Dance 

Well, the scene featuring this song shows us another side of Harvey Specter. He stops by Mike to talk to him, but they end up getting high together. 

7. Gotye – Smoke and Mirrors 

 There are so many big moments in Suits, but this one is huge. Mike comes into the office to find out Jessica knows about his secret. ‘You’re a fraud and you know it’, are pretty clear lyrics, right? 

6. Gregory Alan Isakov – This Empty Northern Hemisphere 

Another sad moment in the series is when Donna stops working for Harvey and switches to Louis instead. What a stab in the back! It’s an amazing episode with a lot of throwbacks to the early days of the Donna/Harvey relationship. 

5. Alabama Shakes – Gimme All Your Love 

Another song that fits so perfectly in this overall music choice. ‘Gimme All Your Love’ by Alabama Shakes is dreamy and also threatening, which fits with the dream Harvey is having. 

4. Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes 

It doesn’t happen often that Suits uses a huge hit for the series. But when Harvey and Mike are at a party, it doesn’t fit to use a slow song like most of the rest. A powerful song! 

3. The XX – Intro 

This song is a common thread in the series, it is played during various episodes and seasons. It also defines the music choices of the producers of the series. A lot of songs played on Suits are melancholic, harmonious and everything fits perfectly with the scenes. 

2. Fink – Looking To Closely 

Let’s not spoil this scene! It’s an iconic Suits moment and the Fink song fits exactly with the moment in the series. Even in the comments on YouTube call it's called a work of art! 

1. Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane (acoustic) 

 Romance is in the air when Mike finally gets Rachel’s favorite wedding location booked for their wedding. He needed a little help from Donna, but we’ll forget about that! 

Can't get enough of these songs? Good news: we made a Spotify playlist with more songs from Suits!

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