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Have you seen The Martian? That science fiction movie with Matt Damon and Ridley Scott? If you're unsure: no, you haven't. Because if you had you wouldn't have forgotten about it. As you might have noticed The Martian is a personal favourite, but I have my reasons! Next to the great storyline, the soundtrack of the movie is extraordinary.

#10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower

The makers of the movie knew how to create a trailer that would make you want to watch The Martian. Next to editing the shots in a certain way to create tension, they used 'All Along The Watchtower' to add something playfull to the (quite heavy) story.

#9. Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around

When NASA discovers that Watney is still alive, they wonder how he's coping with being left behind on Mars. Watney is worried how he's going to grow food to survive, but there's something else that is bugging him. Commander Lewis has only packed disco music when they left for Mars. So that is what Watney's stuck with for who knows how long... 'Turn The Beat Around' doens't seem to be one of his favourite songs

#8. Pratt & McClain With Brother Love - Happy Days

Happy Days is an American sitcom that was aired between 1974 and 1984. It seems like Commander Lewis doesn't just enjoy disco music, she likes everything from the seventies (unlike Watney). When he watches Happy Days, he tries to find a solution for his lack of drinkable water.

#7. Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat

'Rock The Boat' plays when Watney is posing for a picture via Pathfinder. He finally succeeded in making contact with NASA. He really enjoys this small glimpse of social contact with Earth.

#6. David Bowie - Starman

Watney's crew has decided to extend their mission and to pick him up from Mars, but it's not that simple... The Hermes will pass Earth and pick up extra supplies before returning to Mars. The NCSA (National Center For Supercomputing Applications) gets involved to work out the details of the mission. On Mars, Watney prepares the rover to get to the exact spot where he will launch himself in order to be picked up by the Hermes. 

#5. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

Another seventies song from Commander Lewis. Watney describes it as "the least disgusting song Lewis got". It's his soundtrack when he drives the rover with RTG (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator) on board. He nees the RTG to not freeze to death, it can get minus 125 °C out there.

#4. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

A seventies hit that's playing during the ending credits, what else did you expect? And what better message to say goodbye than 'I Will Survive'?

#3. Queen & David Bowie- Under Pressure

'Under Pressure' was written by Queen in collaboration with David Bowie. When you make a movie about someone being trapped in space, you can't ignore a song called 'Under Pressure'. Not only is Watney litterally under pressure (he can't take his space suit off), but he also has lots of problems to solve (making water, growing food, getting back to Earth).

#2. ABBA - Waterloo

When Mark Watney has adjusted the rover so he can drive to the Ares IV, he has to adjust that last one before he's able to launch off of Mars. Yet another one of Commander Lewis' songs is the perfect soundtrack for some manual labour.

#1. The O'Jays - Love Train 

'Love Train' marks the end of Watneys adventure. He got home safe and so did all of his crew mates. NASA just launched the Ares V mission with Martinez (one of Watneys crew members) as commander. We see the other crew members watching the launch from their homes. Only Watney is not with his family at home. He's instructing new astronauts, he's going to pass along everything he learned from his time on Mars.

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