AutoplayThe Killers Are Back! Here's Their 10 Best Live Tracks


Next week, The Killers will release their fifth album called Wonderful Wonderful, 5 years after Battle Born. The chances of Brandon Flowers and his companions appearing on festivals next summer seem quite big, and that's why we will now introduce to you The Killers, through 10 of their best live tracks.

10. The Man @ BBC Live Lounge, 2017 

A new albums means some new music, and The Killers have already pleased their fans by releasing four singles, 'Run For Cover', 'Wonderful Wonderful', 'Some Kind Of Love' and this song, 'The Man'. It's a groovy song that gets quite heavy at the same time, so it might just be what every rock lover has been waiting for.

9. Somebody Told Me @ Glastonbury, 2005

After four albums, The Killers have created an impressive number of songs, and what draws the most attention is the fact that they all seem to include a high dose of sing-a-long features. As they showed at Glastonbury 2005, when the whole crowd sang a long to 'Somebody Told Me'.

8. Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley Cover) @ Governor's Ball, 2016

Brandon Flowers has been blessed with an incredible voice range, which allows him to take on other artists, as do show the many covers featured on Youtube. We prefer this one, as it shows how the Las Vegas based band is capable of neglecting the show element, and produce songs just by the pureness of their sound.

7. A Dustland Fairytale @ Letterman, 2009

One of the best examples of Flowers' incredible voice is this song, as it takes some voice acrobatics to hit every note at exactly the right pitch. To normal people, that is, because Flowers seems to just walk through it without a problem. Including a string orchestra to enforce the songs' dramatic side. The song is a tribute to Brandon's mother, who had just been diagnosed a terminal cancer when he wrote the song.

6. Runaways @ Itunes Festival, 2012

Another key element to a good Killers song is the build-up. The band consist of 3 incredible musicians that support their singer, and they surely know how to create the perfect song. Start off at a low speed, get louder and louder, then all of a sudden go back to the calm beginning, just to build-up to an incredible, over-the-top climax.

5. Human @ T In The Park, 2013

The Killers are well known in the rock- and indiescene, but they never really made it into mainstream hitparades. And then 'Human' was released. The song appears to be a blueprint of all the elements that caused the success of the band, and reached sixth place in Bilboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks Chart. 

4. Shadowplay (Joy Division cover, featuring Bernard Sumner) @ Lollapalooza, 2013

Every band needs a name, and for this band that name was found in a video of one of their favourite bands, New Order. The video to their song 'Crystal' features an imaginary band, and on the drumkit you can read "The Killers". When Anton Corbijn made the movie Control, on the life of Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis, the Killers covered the song 'Shadowplay', which was used for promoting the movie. Here you see Bernard Sumner, Joy Division's lead guitarist and New Order's lead singer, joining the Killers to perform the song.

3. Here With Me @ Letterman, 2012

This one has caused some trouble to critics, as it features really sentimental lyrics, but the fact is that The Killers' touch you when performing this song. Any other band would have a hard time bringing this song and reaching your soul. The Killers just do it, without being ashamed of showing their emotions.

2. Mr. Brightside @ MTV World Stage Sydney, 2013

Human was their hit single, but 'Mr. Brightside' the most loved song. It also reached a great audience, and is still a live favorite. Apparently every single person has been at a point where he or she felt like Mr. Brightside.

1. When You Were Young @ Royal Albert Hall, 2009

As you might have noticed going through this top ten, a Killers concert is one hell of a party, where you can't stop from screaming your lungs out. And if there's one song where you can't resist, it's this one. Sing-a-long to the guitar in the beginning, and every word that follows. Oh, how we wish this band will be around next summer!


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