Coffee BreakThe Upbeat Story Of Hercules & Love Affair


Hercules & Love Affair is a musical project initiated by Andy Butler. The electro groups mixes diverse genres (such as house and disco) to a distinctive sound. They just released their fourth studio album, titled Omnion, and are currently touring Europe. You don't know them yet? Here we go!

Andrew Butler grew up in Denver, US. He developed an interest for Greek mythology at an early age, which later inspired hem for his group's name. His first music love was a bit more of classical music: he started composing music at the early age of 13. But when Andrew bought a record by the band Yazoo, it was clear to him: his focus was now dance music.

I. 'Blind' feat. Anohni

In the late nineties, Butler moved to New York where the became friends with Antony Hegarty - who is currently better known as Anohni. They wrote a song together which finds its origin in a poem written by Butler. 'Blind' is the first single from his self titled debut album and became a hit.

II. 'Step Up' feat. Kele Okereke

With the second album, Butler returns without Anohni but also without the rich 70's disco sound. Blue Songs s the name of the record from 2011 and was based on late eighties Chicago house fundaments. Bloc Party lead singer Kele Okereke is one of the guest artists who appear on the album. Unfortunately, he wasn't present very often during the live tour.

III. 'I Try To Talk To You' feat. John Grant 

Third album The Feast of the Broken Heart was released in 2014. As apposed to the earlier releases, Butler didn't use any organic instrumentation this time. Former guest vocals - such as Anohni and Kele - were to busy to go on tour. This wasn't the case with John Grant. He makes two vocal appearances on the album en made an unforgettable impression during a Herculas gig in 2012: he announced on stage that he was HIV positive during
a show at London's Meltdown Festival.

IV. ‘Controller' feat. Faris Badwan

Hercules & Love Affair released the brand new track 'Controller' in februari 2017, which featured The Horrors' Faris Badwan. It gave us a little sneak peek of what to expect from the fourth studio album Omnium, which came out in september 2017. To support the album, the band is currently on tour in Europe. One of their stops is at Europe's biggest club festival: Amsterdam Dance Event. 


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