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In January 2017, Trainspotting 2 will hit the cinemas. Earlier this week a first full trailer was released and we can't wait for the sequel of one the most epic movies from the nineties. Trainspotting (1996) is a British comedy/drama film about Renton and his friends and their drug, money and women problems. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you know what to do. If only for the music, you should watch it. A British movie with a lot of typical Britpop music. Because of the sequel coming in January and because of the great soundtrack, this week's Known From: The best music from Trainspotting.

#10. Sleeper - Atomic

'Atomic' might be best known in the version of the original artist: Blondie. But Britpop band 'Sleeper' did a pretty good job as well. This song was played  in the club were Renton sees Dianne.

#9. Carmen- Habanera by George Bizet

This classical aria is well known. You've probably heard the part before. But the aria appears in the soundtrack as well, the moment that Renton decides to quit heroin. A perfect match!

#8. Iggy Pop - The Passenger

'It's either ME or Iggy Pop, time to decide!'. Tommy: 'Well I paid for the tickets!'.

Remember this sentence? Than you'll probably remember the song.  

#7. Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day

After seeing Trainspotting, there is a chance you only want to do one thing: climb in the toilet and swim to the sea. Is it really possible? No. Is it an awesome scene in Trainspotting? Yes. While Renton swims in the oceans, you were listening to Brian Eno's 'Deep Blue Day'.

#6. New Order - Temptation

Trainspotting has been ranked 10th in the list of Top 100 British film of all time. Therefore it's no big surprise there are several British artists on the soundtrack. 'Temptation', by British band New Order is one of those songs. The song appears in the movie when Renton meets Dianne's parents the next morning...  New Wave for the win!

#5. Pulp - Mile End

Another typical British band: Pulp. Pulp is most known from their hit 'Common People', but we like 'Mile End' maybe even better. The typical English music and typical accents, perfectly fits in Trainspotting.

#4. Blur - Sing

In a movie where a lot of Britpop bands appear, Blur cannot be missed. 'Sing' is a pretty sad song, in a sad part of the movie. Just listen, do you remember the scene? Quite a nice song though.

#3. Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Besides the British music, there is room for some Americans as well. 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed for example. This classic song appears when Renton injects (too much) drugs. The dramatic melody perfectly fits with the scene.

#2. Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

This is one of the most classic songs from Trainspotting. The movie starts with 'Lust For Life'. Renton and his friends are running after shoplifting. During this song and this scene, we meet the other guys. Besides that,  'Lust for Life' is also used in the trailer. Listen, enjoy and watch the music video, with a lot of scenes from the movie.

#1. Underworld - Born Slippy

And this is the number 1. 'Born Slippy' actually became a hit, because of Trainspotting. Underworld is a British band as well. At first 'Born Slippy' was kind of an underground hit. But because of the fact that the song appeared in the movie, the bigger audience accepted the song. It became one of the most classic songs in the dance scene. No nineties party goes on without 'Born Slippy'.

What's you favorite song from Trainspotting?

It wasn't easy to make this list, because we had to make choices. The soundtrack consists of more beautiful tracks and music. Check the complete soundtrack on our Spotify! Enjoy!

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