AutoplayTry To Sit Still With These 10 Live Videos of Nothing But Thieves


Nothing But Thieves released their second album ‘Broken Machine’ in september and is currently on this big tour around Europe. Their live performances are praised and it’s the perfect reason to celebrate 10 of their amazing live songs!

10. Sorry @ Lowlands 3FM Session, 2017

For fans of festivals, it’s almost impossible to miss this band. This live performance, backstage at the Dutch Lowlands Festival, is almost magical. ‘Sorry’ builds up to this ultimate climax and is very intimate at the same time. 

9. I’m Not Made By Design @ Brixton Academy, 2017

It’s hard to believe that this song is recorded live, because it sounds so good. The heavy melody and Conor Masons' clear voice is a combination you don’t hear very often, and maybe that’s what makes them so popular. 

8. Wings (Birdy Cover) @ BBC Live Lounge, 2015 

BBC Live Lounge sessions are always special. And with this cover, it’s almost like the dramatic Birdy song isn’t Birdy’s at all. Nothing But Thieves makes this song completely their own, with less drama and more depth to the track. 

7. Trip Switch @ Electric Ballroom, 2015

‘Trip Switch’ is the bands most successfull single to date and it’s not hard to see why. It’s extremely catchy and the bass line is unbelievable. The song of their first album ‘Nothing But Thieves’ is a fan favorite and a song that definitely belongs in this list! 

6. Broken Machine @ HMV, 2017

Second album ‘Broken Machine’ might be the big breakthrough the band has been waiting for. Same named single ‘Broken Machine’ is haunting and sounds more raw than other songs. If the high definition clips were too edited for you, then this fan made video shows the band without any extras. 

5. Graveyard Whistling @ Open'er Festival, 2016

If we may believe singer Conor, ‘Graveyard Whistling’ is the founding Nothing But Thieves song. In an interview, Conor and guitarist Dom explained that they defined themselves as a band through writing this song. Even though it’s one of the bands oldest songs, it could have a place on ‘Broken Machine’. They definetly grew as a band, but ‘Graveyard Whistling’ is timeless and a typical Nothing But Thieves song. 

4. Soda @ San Diego, 2017

‘I don’t wanna be myself, it’s making me so unwell’. Singer Conor Mason is no stranger to depression, he recently explained in a long blogpost . The expectations we have of frontman/women is not always achievable for introvert singers, he explains. ‘Soda’ is a very emotional track in which the band is pouring their hearts out, and it’s one of the most powerful ballads the band has ever written. 

3. If I Get High @ VevoHalloween, 2015 

The music of Nothing But Thieves is emotional and deep, but the band won’t turn down a nice Halloween Party! It might look a little weird to see the band all dressed up, but on the contrary: it also suits them. The lights, the audience and the song: all together it’s a perfect picture.

2. Wake up Call @ The Late Late Show, 2016

The band is gaining fans, so it’s not odd to see Nothing But Thieves on a TV near you. On 'The Late Late Show', they performed ‘Wake Up Call’, the first song the band ever released. Host James Corden is known for his love for music, so it wasn’t a big surprise to see the band perform on his show! 

1. Amsterdam @ Woodstock, 2017 

Small settings like the BBC Live Lounge or immense festivals like Woodstock: Nothing But Thieves can handle anything. ‘Amsterdam’ is a song about frustration, about “trying to weave your way through life to get to the place you always want to go back to” as they said in an interview with NME . It’s called 'Amsterdam', because all the bandmembers found relaxation in this town, and they felt like the city was doing it right.    


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