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Are you fully stuffed with turkey, cranberries and pudding? If you're not, go ahead and keep on eating. If you are, let your family members roll you onto the couch and start watching some tv. On Christmas Day or Boxing Day, there is a 99% percent chance of finding Love Actually on some channel.

10. Sweetest Goodbye - Maroon 5

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2017, so let's start with Sweetest Goodbye. From back when Maroon 5 wasn't that famous. From back when Adam Levine wasn't a coach in The Voice. From back when they still had time to make songs that go straight to your heart.

9. Too Lost In You - Sugababes

We still don't really get why people like girlbands this much. But these girls are the most popular girlband from the 21st century. At least that's what Wikipedia told us. Back in their home country they won a couple mayor music prizes but the last couple of years they seem to have disappeared from the Earth.

8. The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson

Do not, I repeat, do not watch this clip if you don't want any spoilers from this movie. The clip consists of footage of Kelly Clarkson singing but also a lot of scenes from Love Actually. Maybe that's because it's also featured on the original soundtrack CD that comes with the movie but we're not yet sure about that.

7. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

A song about looking back at your life and seeing what it was like. Remembering everything you did and how it affected your life and the life of others. Is there anything that matches better with this movie?

6. Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack

Once again: spoiler alert! Billy Mack is one of the characters from the movie and the writers thought it would be fun to have him cover an actual Christmas song. So they took the song that was on number one for the past 15 weeks at that time and they made him cover it in the movie. Did you know that the girls dancing in the background are actually a tribute to Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love? Impress your elder family members by saying that, some of them will be very proud.

5. White Christmas - Otis Redding

How long has it been since we last had a white christmas? There is someting about taking ten times as long before getting to your family that makes it all worth it. Maybe it's just because you have to spend a little less time with that annoying uncle of yours? Or maybe it's just because in every single movie about Christmas, there's always tons of snow. And it's just so beautiful to look at when you're inside next to the fireplace.

4. Songbird - Eva Cassidy

A cover of a Fleetwood Mac song. Eva Cassidy passed away in 1996 and it was one of the last things she recorded so her manager decided to release it in 1997. It's a pure love song so it's a perfect fit for this soundtrack.

3. Jump - Girls Aloud

Can you feel that terrible 90's vibe coming up? It's almost nostalgic. But we're happy that time is over. And to be correct, this song wasn't even written in the 90's. It's another girlband and it's a special one. In the UK, Girls Aloud is even more popular than The Spice Girls. Take that!

2. God Only Knows - Beach Boys

I can hear you think: 'Oh crap, not the Beach Boys'. And yes, it will be stuck in your head for the next few days but that's a critical part of Christmas, having the same 2 or 3 Christmas songs as every year stuck in your head. And it's just an essential song in the movie, it just had to be on this list.

1. Turn Me On - Norah Jones

And finally on number one we have miss Norah Jones. There is something about her music that just makes you a little soft and warm on the inside. Even the biggest and toughest guy might shed a tear. So let this be the time to wish you all a very merry Christmas. May you're turkeys be hot, the mulled wine delicious for the first sip, the cranberry sauce sweet and sour and the company heartwarming (and slightly annoying when drunk). And to all our moms, dads, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, boyfriends and girlfriends: we love you with all our hearts!

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