AutoplayWalk Right Into The Path Of A Lighting Bolt: 10x Jake Bugg Live


British guitar virtuoso Jake Bugg is currently touring Europe with his 'Solo Acoustic Tour', where the still only 23-years old will present his new and fourth album. To celebrate the impressive repertoire he's built during the past 5 years, a list of his 10 best live performances seemed inevitable.

10. Lightning Bolt @ Glastonbury, 2013

The story of Jake Bugg started back in 2012, when the then 18 years old Bugg released his self-titled debut album. The international press loved the album, as they notice major influences by Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, and there's this single that opens up the international market. Bugg likes to make songs that are like lightning bolts: aiming for their goal and picking the fastest way to get there.

9. How Soon The Dawn @ BBC Introducing Music, 2017

Bugg's records have always been a subtle mix of electric and acoustic guitars, but for his new record he decided to stick to his acoustic guitar. This results in open-hearted, calm songs that remind you of Damien Rice, or again, Bob Dylan

8. Trouble Town @ KEXP, 2013

Jake Bugg likes to keep things simple, which might explain his current acoustic tour. You can hear the simplicity in the song 'Trouble Town', where he's showing that he's capable of creating an incredible sound by just his voice and guitar.

7. Be The One (Dua Lipa Cover) @ BBC Live Lounge, 2016

The definition of a good cover says that an artists has to take a song and fully make it his own. In BBC Live Lounge Bugg completely takes over Dua Lipa's hitsong 'Be The One'.

6. Seen It All @ Morgenmagasin, 2015

Another song that's featured on Jake's debut album is 'Seen It All', in which he talks about the crazy stuff he encountered while discovering the night life. You don't have to translate the German bit introducing the song to understand the songs power.

5. On My One @ The Great Escape, 2016

Bugg's third record didn't reach an audience that was as big as his previous two and neither did it please the majority of critics, but it's undeniable that the record features some pretty decent songs, like the fantastic 'On My One'

4. Slide Away (Oasis Cover) @ BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2013

The list of influences accorded to Bugg seems to be endless and most certainly includes britpop, like Oasis. Again we see Bugg adapting the song to his own talent, nevertheless he stays closer to the original song.

3. Messed Up Kids @ Royal Albert Hall, 2014

Each artist creates a song that appears to be a blueprint of the music he or she makes, which at the same time completely breaks with these blueprint. As for Jake Bugg, this song seems to be 'Messed Up Kids', an uptempo song with a happy sounding instrumentation, but quite depressing lyrics on the bored youth that inhabits England.

2. Taste It @ Mainsquare, 2016 

'Taste It' can be seen as a hit that never really reached the status of a hit. Almost everyone knows this song, but meanwhile, nobody will name this song when they think of Jake Bugg. This version takes its time to get up to the right speed, but once it's there, there's no stopping Jake.

1. Slumville Sunrise (ft. Johnny Marr) @ Royal Albert Hall, 2015 


Jake Bugg is a man of many styles, constantly rediscovering the area between rock, country, folk and ballads. But when it comes down to his liveshows, there's nothing like his uptempo rock songs. None of them beats this one, the song that starts of at high speed and doesn't let you go until it's reached its final destination.


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