Coffee BreakWho The F*ck Is Kanye West?


We can almost set our watches to it: at least once a week Kanye West makes some sort of controversial comment on something, which is always big news. These comments always envoke some criticism and Kanye's recent comments on soon-to-be president Donald Trump were met with heavy backlashing. This time around Kanye couldn't handle the controversy, which led to him not feeling well and therefore cancelling the remainder of his 'Life of Pablo-tour'. Altogether, it's safe to say, Kanye is one of the most controversial figures of modern times. This is also due to his music videos, of which we have made an exquisite selection for you to enjoy, while you're having a nice cup of steaming, black coffee.

Part I: 'Flashing Lights'

This first clip is also the oldest on our list. I's the one for 'Flashing Lights', dating back to nostalgic 2007. 'Flashing Lights' was the fourth single off Kanye's third album 'Graduation', on which Kanye made less use of sampling and instead chose for a more poppy sound, with this song being one of the strongest on the record. The clip was directed by Spike Jonze and Kanye together, totally shot in slow-motion. We see a sportscar and a 'femme fatale', scantily clad, and that pretty much sets the mood.
(Be sure to check the amazing cover by Badbadnotgood!)

Part II: 'Power'

'Power' was the first single off Kanye's fitfth album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. Both the song and the video show Kanye's more artistic sides. And those aren't too bad! In the song, Kanye uses a number of samples, most notably that of '21st Century Schizoid Man' by Prog-group 'King Crimson'. The video was directed by video artist Marco Brambilla. Kanye alsways felt the video to be 'a moving painting' . Peculiarly enough, the full video for the song has never been released, so this teaser is all we have. 

Part III: 'Black Skinhead'

Black Skinhead was the 'lead-single' from Kanye's sixth album 'Yeezus'. 'Yeezus' was a pivital piont in Kanye's career, both on a musical and a personal level. He switched his sound to a much dirtier en heavy sound, possibly inspired by the recent succes of hiphop-group Death Grips. Kanye openly declared to being the biggest 'rockstar' on the planet. He adressed this on the album on the interesting track "I Am A God" featuring no one less than the big G himself. The song was produced together with Daft Punk and reminds of their 'Human After All' album. The clip was made by photographer Nick Knight, who perfectly translated the sound and meaning of the song to video! Props to him, ay!

Part IV: 'Bound 2'

Bound 2 sure got people talking. Either you love it, or you hate it, there's no inbetween. We are big fans, though. Kanye is not known as a particularly strong lyricist, in this song however he shows a lot of humour. And so does the this 'way-over-the-top' video starring mrs. Yeezy; Kim Kardashian and a heinous collage of 'green-screen effects', 'stock footage' en fans blowing about. But don't they look pretty, on that motorcycle?

Part V: 'Famous'

'Famous' is no less of a special. The first single from Yeezy's most recent album 'The Life of Pablo' has some sharp-tongued lyrics and tons of people weren't pleased with that. Aside that, we hear some guest-vocals by Rihanna and solid production work.
The video is fairly abstract, with vague imagery, less than stellar camera work and a sample from a controversial interview with Kanye, followed by nasty lyrics toward Taylor Swift and a surprising amount of nude wax sculptures. We see sculptures of Kanye, Kim K., Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna, Bill Cosby, George Bush en Donald Trump. 
Is this art or fart?


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