True StoryYou’ll Never Guess Who Almost Made It Into Michael Jackon’s ‘Thriller’!


We all remember hits like ‘I Gotta Feeling’, ‘Pump It’ and ‘Where Is The Love’. These are just some of the the Black Eyed Peas’ greatest and famous hits. Probably the most famous celeb from the group is Will.i.am. But before becoming famous with the Black Eyed Peas, he could have showed his face to the public much earlier in life.

Will.i.am has been a guest on the Graham Norton Show a couple of times now. During his last visit he had a fun story to share. When he was a child, someone came knocking on his door to ask if he wanted to breakdance in a movie, which his mom said no to. At a different time, his mom was asked again by the same person, but this time the man asked if he wanted to dance in Michael Jackon's masterpiece ‘Thriller’. Will.i.am begged his mom if he was allowed to do so. Her response? ‘’Boy you ain’t going in no alley with no Michael Jackson!’’ 



True Story

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