Locations From SongsYou Want To Visit A Bear's Den In Scotland? Try Old Wives Lifts


One of the biggest breakthrough artists of the past two festival summers are without a doubt Bear's Den. The band from London only exists since 2012, but they released one of the most successful albums of 2016 with Red Earth & Pouring Rain. On that album you can also find the track 'Auld Wives'. Many think that the name of that song is just the Scottish translation of 'old wives', but the song is actually about a place. Which place? This place!

The Auld Wives Lifts is a mysterious place. This rock formation just North of Glasgow (just past the town of Bearsden) is rather infamous in the region. Nobody really knows how these rocks got there or what they were used for.
auld wives lifts

Auld Wives Lifts 
Auld Wives Lifts 
How have you got here? 
Where do you come from? 
What do you tell?

These rocks are definitely worth checking out the next time you go to Scotland. Just remember that when you arrive, you have to crawl under them. If you don't do this, you will die childless according to local superstition.

One of the theories on how the formation was created is that it was formed by druids. They would have used the rocks as an altar for their ritual sacrifices. A little ditch carved in the top of the rock would have been used to let the blood of the animals flow away. A circle of oak trees near the site would confirm this theory.

Another theory is that the rocks are there naturally. They would have been eroded because of the great Scottish weather. Because of this, one of them cracked and fell horizontal. This is not an explanation for all the symbols carved into the rock though. There are stil some doubts about the origin of them, mainly because they also fade really fast due to the Scottish weather Gods.

A third, and most unlikely, theory states that three women places the rocks in their position. They were angry because their husbands cheated on them, so they build an altar to sacrifice them. How these three women were able to lift a couple 15 ton rocks is of course still a mystery.

The Bear's Den song was also inspired by this magical place. Andrew Davie wrote the song about his grandfather who lived close to the rock
 formation. His mother also had a little cottage right next to the rocks were he regularly went to write songs. Andrew's granddad developed Alzheimer when he got older. This song is about that and about knowing a person that doesn't know you anymore. It's about the uncertainty of knowing something but not the entire story, it's about the uncertainty that life brings.

Locations From Songs

A lot of music was inspired by places. For example, there's 'Chelsea Hotel' or 'Under The Bridge'. In this format, we look them up and present them to you. In that way we create a great list of music inspired to do's around the world.