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Editors have been playing at festivals for many years now. Last weekend, they played both Pukkelpop and Lowland. If you want to relive those amazing shows (or any other one), here are their 10 best livetracks.

10. Cold @ Southside Festival, 2017

We begin the same way editors do, with their new song ‘Cold’. we have to admit that it’s not their best track ever but it’s already going back into the right direction. When it’s already dark, this is the first moment in their show thatthey use fireworks.

9. Blood @ Rock Am Ring, 2010

Sometimes you trust someone but it turns out that they are not really who you thaugt they would be, so the only similarity between the two of you is the blood running through your vains. It already happened to almost everyone and Editors wrote a song about it. And the outro is even better live than on the record.

8. Formaldehyde @ Sziget, 2013

Meanwhile, this song is no longer on the setlist but in a top 10 of their best livetracks, we really need it. It’s a proper lovesong but a lovesong Editors-style.

7. Sugar @ Best Kept Secret, 2016

Not everyone is a fan of this song but it is great when played live. After Best Kept Secret, they added some more fire so now it is definitely worth watching. Just be careful not to be in the first row if you want to keep your eyebrows.

6. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors @ Giel, 2013

Live, Editors are a great and slightly bombastic band but when they play a session on the radio, they also dare to try it unplugged. Their stadiumrock easily becomes a lot more fragile and vulnerable, definitely when the song is about patients with their drip who are still smoking outside the hospital doors.

5.An End Has A Start @ T In The Park, 2010

When played live, everyone sings along to this song. It’s the second song coming from their second album and it’s all about loss and death. So next time you sing along, think about that. And for those who want to seduce that blonde babe standing next to them, remember that ‘You came on your own, That’s how you’ll leave’

4. The Racing Rats @ Sziget, 2013

Another great example of how Editors sound live. Solid drums, a high pitched guitar and those great vocals coming from Tom Smith. If you ever go and watch them live, remember to watch what Tom does when he’s not on the piano or holding a guitar. His hand gestures and his dancemoves are incredibly entertaining to watch.

3. Papillon @ Best Kept Secret, 2016

It wouldn’t be the first time that somewone drops his phone while trying to record this song. Everytime Editors start playing this song, one of their greatest hits, numerous smartphones rise up in the air trying to record some memories or letting unlucky people at home enjoy their awesomeness as wel.

2. Munich @ Glastonbury, 2010

When it’s already dark, this song guarantees one of the best lightshows ever. But when it’s still earlier in the evening, you will have to do it with just a great song. They play it ever since the beginning but some classics are just indestructable.

1. No Sound But The Wind @ Rock Werchter, 2010

Why is it that this song only seems to appear on setlists from concerts in Belgium or The Netherlands? When they play somewhere else, chances are small that you will be hearing this song but it’s definitely worth the trip going there. At Pukkelpop, only a few hours after the attack in Barcelona, this song was dedicated to the victims. Everytime you hear it, whether it’s live or on the radio, it makes you think of the dog you lost when you were 10, that one old love that got away or the relative that’s terminally ill. It’s one of the only moments where it’s allowed to both cry and sing out loud at the same time at a festival. You can find the version they played live at Pukkelpop as a tribute to the Barcelona victims right here.


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