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There’s a picture of Bruno Mars 10 years ago, almost fangirling over Pete Wentz in the streets of L.A. But… Is he really?

It’s ten years ago since the famous Tumblr post. You don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, we’re talking about this photo:*this is not the original photoThe photo shows Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy walking the streets of LA. But it’s not just a regular photo of Wentz, when you look closely, you see Bruno Mars in the background with his best friend Phil Lawrence.While looking at Pete Wentz, Mars looks starstruck. That might be unthinkable in 2018, but back in 2008, Bruno Mars wasn’t that famous yet. So yeah, it was in the golden time of the emo poppunk, and Bruno Mars saw Pete Wentz on the street. Who wouldn’t turn his head?Autoplay: These are the 10 best live performances of Bruno MarsHow badly we want to believe this story is true, we admit it’s probably too good to be true. Bruno explained the picture in an interview he gave a few years later: the photographer, who took the photo of Wentz, ran so fast to get to Wentz, that he almost knocked over Bruno Mars. So, Mars was not pleasantly surprised, he was shocked. Makes the story behind this photo a bit less funny!

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