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Last Tuesday Editors performed at a sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Previously to that concert, we organized the Editors Fan Quiz in the Ziggo Dome, looking for the True Editors fans. And oh, we definitely found them!

The place to be if you are looking for ‘True Fans’, is obviously at a concert. Last Tuesday, Editors played at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam. There was no better place to spot True Editors Fans. We organized the big Editors Fan Quiz, previously to the concert.

Editors Fan Quiz

After answering some very tricky questions, only the biggest fans remained. These quiz winners can call themselves a ‘True Fan‘ now! On top of that, they received awesome prizes like a concert upgrade or band merchandise. This is what it looked like:

Take a look at the pictures on our Facebook page.Autoplay: Sing Along To The 10 Best Live Editors Tracks

Concert Podcast

In the Concert Podcast, host Micha van Hoorn gives music fans a stage to preview and reflect to the biggest concerts. That’s a real concert review by the must enthusiastic, but also the most critical, people of a band’s concert: their own fans.The first Concert Podcast has Editors as its subject. You can listen to that below. Please pay attention: the Podcast is in Dutch.

Join Our Music Bingo

Next up: Music Bingo! On April 4 we’ll be re-visiting CafĂ© de Koe in Amsterdam for our ‘Music Bingo’. That’s a game of old-fashioned bingo, without the balls, but with some very fine music! During our Music Bingo, you get a bingo card with some cryptic descriptions of songs. For example, “Thom Yorke’s band” or “The most streamed song of 2017”. Once you hear the answer running through the speakers, you cross it off. So, in this case, do you hear Radiohead or Shape Of You? Get your pen out! As a good bingo befits, there’s some great prizes to win for full rows or cards.Claim Your Bingo Card

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